Disaster Repair

Our unpredictable yet equally devastating climate, and the all too real, and yet, unforeseeable natural disasters through-out North America, complete with their over sensationalized media video clips of the horrific damage and destruction, have given many homeowners across the country pause for thought, regarding the personal and very possible implications of 'disaster damage' to their homes and property.

As most thankful homeowners would agree, 'be prepared' is the watchword; in other words, be insured; and know exactly what you are covered for and what you are not; depending on the extent of the damage. They also recommend having a detailed insurance policy, where your contents are all spelled out in writing, with monetary replaced costs, per item, and even for the whole house and its entire contents. That's the purpose for insurance-to minimize your monetary risk!

A lightning strike can start a small fire, while at the same time creating major electrical wiring damage. This can be costly to any homeowner, perhaps upwards of ten thousand dollars or more. Especially, when the electricians must completely re-wire your home, going through parts of every wall and ceiling in the process; that is, if you don't want the new electrical(s) being visible. Hiring the right electrical contractor, that specializes in these types of disaster repairs, is your best option.

Trees toppling over from high winds onto people's homes and cars have now become the current topic of the weather reports across our country. These damages can range from dented car hoods, smashed in car windows, shattered home windows, damaged roofs, and damage to your eavestroughing and siding. They too can be costly, again, upwards of ten thousand dollars. Insurance companies also specialize in fire, theft, vandalism, flooding, etc. It is recommended that you find an insurance company that can do-it-all; and be able to meet all your insurance needs.

When it comes to earthquakes, tornados, and other acts of God; most insurance companies, like their insured customers are gambling against the odds, hoping against hope that the worst case scenario never ever happens! And, unless you live on top of or near an earthquake region, your need for insurance may be minimal. Same thing goes for being in a known tornado valley or area. In these cases, if you do live in sensitive or prone areas, your entire home must be insured for complete protection.

Flooding can also do a great deal of damage to a home as attested by the last major storm experienced in Toronto and Calgary. Most homes have basements, with drywall and carpeting, and filled with couches, chairs, TV's and other high-end electronics. Your valuable contents, including your basement furnishings also need to be insured for at least their replacement value. Water damage due to flooding can cause mold and mildew and will require cleaning as well as sanitizing. All contents not water damaged can be saved, but anything water damaged should be discarded. A major basement renovation due to an emergency flooding can cost tens of thousands of dollars to repair or replace. It would be wise to be insured for this event.

Hiring a professional water-damage restoration company would be your best bet to make these disaster repair types of jobs go by quickly; and importantly, to prevent future health problems from the lingering effects of hidden mold and mildew. Hire a professional cleaning company, as they must be thorough!

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