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What is a ductwork project and what should I expect?

Ductwork is necessary for all central air systems. It helps deliver hot and cold air throughout the home. You may need to install brand new ductwork during your next home renovation unless the old ducts are salvageable. Of course, you may need to hire an expert to repair anything from holes and gaps, to damaged flex duct.

This project may be messy if the contractor needs to access ductwork behind the drywall. However, projects in the attic, an unfinished basement, or a crawlspace will probably be less messy. Repairs and output system reconfigurations shouldn't take more than a day (or a few hours, more or less).

How much does a ductwork project cost?

The price of a project usually depends on the condition of the existing system, home size, system complexity, and number of vents in each room.

Duct work can greatly range in price. A specialist may charge you an hourly rate for any small repairs. They may price the labour at $50/hr.

Duct replacements typically cost between $30 - $60 per linear foot. More complicated projects that can cost homeowners over $10,000. New installations can cost over $10,000 too.

Is this a DIY project?

Ductwork designs and configurations or electrical and gasfitting should be left to the pros. The system needs to be airtight, and a professional knows best. However, a homeowner could certainly repair a leak or a hole with the right materials (sheet metal, aluminum tape, mastic, or duct sealant).

Extra tips for your ductwork project

Retrofitting a home with a forced air system (or installing it in a new home) is an expensive job. Forced air isn't the only home heating and cooling system on the market. Do your research before settling on this option.

Contact your local permit office before you install a forced air system or do any major ductwork repairs.

Consider hiring a duct cleaning service every two to five years to keep your central air system in tip top shape.

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