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What's involved in an electrical project?

Homeowners or general contractors can hire an electrician. Electricians work alongside home blueprints to repair existing issues, replace old hardware, or create new electrical systems.

An electrician will probably kill the power in order to start working. They may need to cut through drywall or remove an entire system depending on the project.

Almost every province in Canada requires professional electricians to have an active electrical license. Thus, the electrician who was hired to rewire your kitchen, install lights in your bathroom, or repair the electrical system in your basement must have their license on them at all times. You can check their license with you provincial contractor licensing regulatory body.

How much does an electrician cost?

Electrical projects range in price. However, one thing is for sure: licensed electricians will be significantly more expensive than any under-the-table, illegal contractor. Electricians, like most contractors, price their work by the hour, or by the project. It's difficult to estimate quotes without looking at project specifics. However, homeowners can expect to pay the following:

  • A full room rewire: $4,000+
  • An hourly rate: $65 – $90/hr (not including materials)
  • Pot light installation: $80 - $150+/light (some contractors include materials in the cost)

*Any safety hazards that are discovered along the way may increase the cost of your project. Electricians, like most contractors, will charge the full hourly rate for a service call even when they do not work for the full hour.

Is this a DIY project?

No. Electrical installations should always be handled by a professional, licensed electrician.

Additional tips

Electricians who discover knob and tube electrical systems will offer to upgrade the system. This upgrade can be very expensive. The electrician may or may not be required to replace the system according to provincial electrical safety regulations. It's important to keep in mind that some insurance companies may deny homeowners insurance coverage if their home has a knob and tube system.

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