Books for the RBQ General Contractor Exam in English

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Posted by: from Montreal
3/17/2014 at 11:56:37 PM


I have been doing renovations for quite a while now and I do not have a RBQ license. I was hoping there is someone on here that may have information on the books needed to study for it in english.

I have called the RBQ office to find information about it but all I got from them was "sorry we can't give you that information" and then referred me to their website to get very general information about what can be on the exam.

I had seen the material that's there for each section but wanted to know if that's all I need to pass the exam or if I really need to buy books, or worst case, go take a course? But I am more of a self taught person rather than sitting in class unless there are any recommendations on going to a course.

Hope someone can shine some light.


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Date/Time3/18/2014 at 6:57:18 AM

Hi Jakob,

My recommendation would be to take a course mate. The one with ecole de formation SMC is very good and in english. The instructor is Eric and the number for the school is 514 439 4993. Its not a long course just one week but in my opinion pretty necessary to have a good shot at passing the exams.

If you would like any more info call me or email me anytime and I'll try and help you out with it.

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Lori in Montreal
Date/Time3/25/2015 at 12:06:26 PM

We too are having the same problem! All the important information on the RBQ site is in French. Just filling out the "demande d'une licence d'entrepreneur" is all in French. Not everyone has the luxury of spending thousands of dollars on courses or the time, especially when they have been doing competent work for the last 20 years. Very frustrating! Here we are trying to do the right thing by getting our license but are given very little information in our mother tongue. We speak French but not well enough to understand all the information on the website.

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Heidi in Laval
Date/Time11/1/2015 at 8:59:30 PM

Hi Lori,

Just wondering how you resolved the above. Did you sign up for a course or were you able to find better help on line? Are you taking the administration and health and safety exam also? I just found out I will be taking them and my boss is relying on me to pass these exams with just the info I find on the rbq website. Any input would be appreciated.

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Heidi in Laval
Date/Time11/1/2015 at 9:00:42 PM

Hi there, just curious what happenned - did you sign up for a course or study from info on the rbq website?

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