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Posted by: from Burnaby
5/26/2011 at 4:28:04 PM

I hired a contractor from this website and I have been happy with the work that has been done. The contract states that my job would be completed in 10 weeks. It has now been almost 8 months and they are still not done! I have expressed my concerns several times but it doesn't seem to speed things up. I am now at the point that I want to fire them. What can I do about this situation. What protection do I have and where do I go to find the information about what I can do to get out of this contract? I did not put any penalty in the contract for going over the end date.

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Date/Time5/26/2011 at 8:52:25 PM

Hi Robin! Well have you paid any money to your contractor or made a specific amount as the work progresses? What is his problem that he is into 8 months at this point? Too much work? That is bad to run over into that kind of time. But being in the business, it happens but I never have run that far over on a job. Just not professional under any circumstances. You might want to remind him of what was agreed too and ask for a discount on the work. Not sure on the circumstances at this point. If the guy or gal has any kind of respect for his clients he should do something for you. Was he checked out by the BBB? Not sure if Consumer Affairs would be of help. But one thing is to halt all payments at this point if he wants to walk get someone to finish just make sure you take pictures in case he comes back in a lawsuit. Did you discuss it with a lawyer at all. Most will let you bend their ears for advice for free before any money is spent. Just a thought. Good luck with your situation.

Brent Smith

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Skystone Decorating & Design in Surrey
Date/Time5/28/2011 at 3:55:18 PM

8 months? Really, so he is doing other jobs plus yours? Yours is @ bottom of the list? I know some places have hidden surprises behind walls , electrical, plumbing etc we have done but 8 months? What exactly is the project , How large?

Take Pictures. Video etc. Also it is past your 10 weeks in the contract, so he has not kept up his end. So what are the reasons it is taking so long? Does he return your calls? Does he discuss the problems with you?

Did you check him out? Did you ask about other projects he may have on ,other than yours?

My Clients get very stressed out on Renovations, getting the job done right & in a reasonable time frame is important. Sometimes there are surprises. You discuss it with the client & get it done.. My reputation is important- that is professional.

I have worked with some good trades but when they start to hate what they do -it shows

I believe BBB has links on their site that may help you.

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