Doors installed not what we wanted

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Posted by: from West Vancouver
4/6/2009 at 1:52:37 PM

We hired a company (friend of my dad's) to replace our existing windows & patio doors. The company boasts of a 'worry free guarantee' on their website and arranges all the paperwork for the energy rebates so we thought we were safe.

We had asked for doors that inswing flush against the walls, which is what our old doors did. We asked the salesman several times if they would open & lay flush against the interior walls like our existing doors did as it is a feature we love in the summer since the doors basically disappear. Unfortunately, the doors they installed were not what we asked for & they just open perpendicular into the room. The company is saying "it is unfortunate that the doors do not inswing flush but that was what was ordered & it is too expensive to change".

We are not sure what our options are to have their mistake fixed and would love to hear what others would do in this situation.

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Abba's Service in Huntsville
Date/Time4/6/2009 at 2:55:06 PM

Depending on the original order you might have a problem. If in fact that the order is right in the first place you will not have much chance in getting any kind of refund. I do doors all the time and I make sure before order all the exact measurements are in place. That way it is not our fault if there is a problem. Most companies will double or triple check just to make sure it is what you wish. If in fact they did screw up you should not have a problem getting your money back. It will be a tuff call for me to say but I would get a lawyer involved if they are not willing to work with you on the mistake.

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Date/Time4/11/2009 at 6:23:33 PM

do you have an contract agreement with this company?

in the agreement, did it specify the type of door you wanted?

was this contractor responsible for buying these doors as part of your agreement?

If yes is the answer to all 3, then he is responsible for getting you the right doors.

He should be able to produce his initial order which clearly indicates what he ordered.

If he ordered the right material and the wrong material was shipped to him, the manufacturer will be responsible for shipping the wrong order and supplying you with the right order.

If this contractor installed the wrong doors knowingly, then he is responsible to re installing the right ones regardless.

It comes down to paper trail, and without any of that, you can't do much about anything, your word is not good enough.

Black and white and on paper and signed is the only way to do business today.

Good luck!

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