Drainage Problem really need help

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Posted by: from Kingston
3/23/2011 at 1:17:13 AM

Our yard is lower than the lots surrounding us and becomes a lake every spring or during really hard rain. We really need help fixing it.

We tried digging a trench & placing big O pipe to the front but that doesn't seem to be doing the trick.


We've posted an ad hoping someone will know how to fix it but perhaps you could give us some ideas about what to do and who to hire.

Thankyou very much

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Maxi Construction Limited in Woodbridge
Date/Time3/23/2011 at 3:00:46 PM

You most likely have a problem with your lot grading. Get an Ontario Land Surveyer to help you. They have all the necessary equipment to tell you how the grading has to be fixed. Or rent a good spinning laser level with a detector if you want to check your grade elevations by yourself.

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Date/Time3/31/2011 at 7:20:02 PM

There is much you can do with grading and simply installing Big O pipe without proper drainage will not solve the problem We have undertaken similar projects in the past using a combination of properly installed big O collectors feeding a closed pipe system into a french well.

A similar solution will suffice depending upon your site plan.


Kingsway Construction Inc.

Glenn Rosborough

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Bonnie in Kingston
Date/Time3/31/2011 at 10:26:27 PM

Thank you so much for taking the time to respond.

I'm in the process of getting an Engineer / Surveyor to get me the plans I need to fix it and I'll also get whatever permits I requre following that.

Once I've gotten them would you be interested in doing the work?

I should probably tell you I'm in Kingston.

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Dave in Oshawa
Date/Time4/11/2011 at 11:49:24 AM

Bonnie, in addition to what Glen said, a french drain or french well is liekly your most cost effective means of dealing with seasonal excess water. The Big O pipe you placed will help collect the water, but it has no where to go. A french drain is essentially a pit lined with some sort of prefabricated plastic pipe anywhere from 12" to 24" in diameter going straight down. This plastic pipe will have holes around the circumfrance and some will have a means of connecting the Big O pipe (or you can just cut a whole).

Go to your local home or landscape centre and ask them about french drains. You can also Google the term.

Depending on how much water you have to dissipate, I have successfully used landscape fabric and clean gravel to make my own drainage pit. You can line the inside of the hole with landscape fabric and then fill the hole with the gravel. Essentially this works by providing lots of little air spaces for the water to seep into (between the rocks) and then slowly dissipates into the ground. The landscape fabric prevents the gravel from becoming contaminated with soil and silt. Bring the Big O pipe to the landscape fabric and into the gravel, then wrap the fabric around the pipe. Make sure the Big O pipe slopes towards the gravel. You can then fill the rest of the hole with gravel to about 4" below the surface and fold the fabric over the stone. Cover the top with soil and grass, and that should work.

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