Drywall & taping and mudding

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Posted by: from Palmerston
7/16/2012 at 12:54:53 PM

Do most drywallers charge by the square foot?

Roughly what would it cost to do a 2800 square foot basement that is already framed and insulated, vapor barrier, ready to go for drywall, also needs a couple of bulk heads.

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Ron from Jaykob Isaak Inc in London
Date/Time7/16/2012 at 2:16:42 PM

We charge by the foot but its square foot of Drywall not floor plus for building bulkheads and corner beads. for both install and finish we are about $1 a square foot plus the drywall cost.

With 2800 square floor you have 2800 sq ceiling plus lets say 56 x 50 foot basement with 8'' ceiling height plus 1700 square foot of exterior walls. I don't know how its divided past there how many rooms will add to the cost by adding square footage to your total.

Keep in Mind Drywallers and Tapers who are any good are in huge demand right now union rate for these guys is in the $50 per hour range plus benefits so get fooled by someone cause 40 percent of our work is fixing stuff someone else did.

Good luck

Drywall & taping and mudding
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Date/Time7/16/2012 at 2:30:16 PM

Hi Lori:

I am not too familiar with the going rates in your area. However, for a good job, the rate where I am is $1.75 per square foot to $2.00 per square foot. This is for footage applied on the walls. This would include the placing of the board, taping, mudding, spray undercoat on the ceiling and finishing off with a texture finish.

The ceilings by our codes are to be finished in 5/8 drywall while the walls are to be finished in 1/2 inch drywall. This amount is based on 8 foot interior walls. All carpentry that you have mentioned would be over and above that cost.

I see that you are from Palmerston. It has been a great many years since I was there. I had very good friends, the Gray's, who lived over the post office. Many a good time there.

They had 3 children: Dave, Jill and Jimmy jr.

Good luck with your project.


Meadowood Homes

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Dale from DWC Enterprises in Waterloo
Date/Time7/16/2012 at 5:15:14 PM


In kitchener we are charging any where from 1 to 2 dollars per sq ft,, depending on difficulty,

floor area has no influence, its the ceiling and walls that you need to measure,

Roughly 1800 square feet of walls and 2800 square feet of ceililing, plus bulkheads,, which im assuming are needed to be supported,,, you are looking at near 5 grand, but, would be necessary to view basement first to get an accurate picture,

Have you thought about rounded corner bead, this is also a bit extra per foot.



Good luck with your project

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Date/Time7/16/2012 at 9:34:12 PM


I have recently heard on $0.45 per sq ft foe boarding and about the same for taping. Combined this is $0.90 per sq. ft. ... but this is on the low side and was from an individual who does the work as a second job. I have also seen as high as $1.75 sq. ft. boarding only and about $1.00 sq. ft taping. Needless to say the numbers vary quite a bit.

I would suggest contacting several Licensed drywall companies and get their estimates. They would price according to current trade market conditions and offer the best advice. Things like rounded corners versus square corners, advice on ceiling board, lite board, fire guard board, water resistant board and other suggestions that would make the finished product a work of art, or at least a job done correctly.

I suggested two or three drywall contractors because they should all be similar and then it's up to you who you would feel most comfortable with. Price is one thing however the quality of work and follow-up are seperate issues. It's a bit like buying an inexpensive item only to find out that it didn't preform the way that you thought it would. Now you have to re-do your purchase.

Take the time and do it properly.



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Date/Time7/17/2012 at 5:00:28 PM

Yes it ranges from 30 to 50 cents a square foot. If your lucky you'll get it for 25cents.

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McInnis Contracting in Belleville
Date/Time7/25/2012 at 11:04:01 PM

You would be looking at approximately 6000.00 dollars that is to have it boarded and taped.

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Lori in Palmerston
Date/Time7/31/2012 at 2:09:00 PM

Thanks To All of you that have replied back to me, your responses are greatly appreciated.


To Chuck from Meadowoods Homes: I have been here in Palmerston for 23 years I don't know the grays, but then again know very few.

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John T. from DrywallTaping in Toronto
Date/Time11/2/2015 at 6:58:13 PM

The prices for drywall installation, taping mudding, sanding, smooth ceilings, labour and materials, delivery and disposal of construction debris for (2015-16) in Toronto on custom residential homes varies between $1.80 to $2.50 on jobs over 4,000 sq.ft of drywall.

Basements around $2.00 sq.ft.

For example: you can divide floor area by 10 and get approximate amount of drywall sheets 4'x8' required for that job.

Example: 1,000 sq.ft basement divide by 10 equal 100 drywall sheets 4'x8'

100 sheets multiply by 32 (amount of sq.ft per drywall board 4x8) equals 3200 sq ft.

3200 sq.ft. x $2 per sq.ft = $6400

All numbers just an approx estimate.

For a proper quote you need to meet contractor and ask him as many questions as possible and choose the best one. Most of the times the price is not a criteria for choosing contractor.

Good luck with your project!

John G.

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