Heating and cooling systems

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Posted by: from Pennfield
6/24/2012 at 9:42:22 PM

I am building a new home with crawl space and SIPs for the walls, I want the house tight, I am having trouble making my mind up on what heating system I would like, cooling would be nice but its used about one month total.

I am getting qoutes like 16,000 to 20,000 to heat and cool with a heat pump and air exchange and that seems outragiosly high.

Any energy effiecent ideas out there that won't brake the bank. I would like my floors warm, and I don't mind doing some of my own work.

Thanks for any kind of advice.

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Mark from Arbutus Sundecks in Richmond
Date/Time6/24/2012 at 11:26:10 PM

You never mentioned how many sq feet of floor and how many sq feet of windows. That plays a huge factor in heating systems

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Date/Time6/24/2012 at 11:58:27 PM

We use in-floor heating. Work very well for primary heat in Manitoba houses. No furnace, no boilers. Each room have own thermostat. Floor and furniture warm. And no care or maintain required. 15 years warranty, life time far away over 50 years.

In Manitoba for heat 1000 sq ft house in colder month HYDRO cost around 150$. Installation and all materials for 1000 sq ft house will cost around 5000-7000$.

Any type flooring can be install over.

Heating and cooling systems
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Date/Time6/25/2012 at 6:51:28 AM

Have you priced out a electric furnace?

A couple years ago, I built a duplex, and installed an eletric furnace, the cost was a lot less then gas and works perfect. Only thing is you need to upgrade your panel from 100 amp to 200 amp service. Cost me 950.00 for the furnace, then the instalation of the ducked work.

Heating floor sound good too, houses with just crawl spaces are very cold.

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Date/Time6/25/2012 at 9:38:36 AM

The best advice to be given is make sure you insulate your crawl space. SM for the concrete wall portion inside your crawl space. R28 for ends of floor joists and also R28 for underside of floor seathing. By code you do not need insulation in floor joists but heat will not escape down into your crawlspace or vice versa.

Electrical heat is by far the cheaper route to go. We have better mats now that can go under most types of floors. Even if you already picked floors you can see if they work with this flooring. Use a insulating product called roxul for all applications. The only thing better would be spray foam insulation.

A typical furnace install with air is running close to $15,000.00 but we also have aproximately $2,500.00 worth of rebate offered by a government program. Ours is a renovation and they are seeing more return on overinsulating than anything.

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Date/Time6/25/2012 at 10:47:08 AM

Good day, Wayne

Theres is many ways you can use if your handy but always keep in mind that the best insulated the lowest to heat no matter how. We really like hot water or other, pipe heating.

We have done many commercials and customers love them. They have remove there backup heating that was gas and electrical. It will be to long to explain but look in the net and you can make it your self

Sorry got to go is getting extremely busy, hope this helps!

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Date/Time6/25/2012 at 12:24:35 PM

What about in floor radiant heating operated by gas boiler, it also can provide hot water.

Cost around 11$ per/sqft including light wait self level concrete on top.

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Janice in Ontario City
Date/Time7/5/2012 at 5:47:37 AM

Actually I also have no idea about that because I am not an expert when it comes to heating and cooling systems.

Actually we just moved here in indianapolis and what we did was have someone to install the system from from air conditioning indianapolis company.

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