How to Get Reviews?

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10/22/2014 at 10:47:42 AM

A question commonly asked by our contractor members is "how do we get reviews?" It goes without saying that the most effective way of accumulating reviews is by providing exceptional service - but it's not always that simple.

Through conversations with members we've taken note of some of the ways our top-rated members have been able to successfully connect with past and present clients to build their online reputation through positive reviews. Here are some tips on how to reach out to your clients and request reviews:

- Send your clients a $5 or $10 gift card (e.g. Timmies, Starbucks, Shoppers etc.) in the mail with a letter requesting their review.

- Offer discounts on future services in exchange for a review.

- Include your review request on your company invoice.

- Create thank you cards, the size of standard business cards that can be presented after the job is completed. The cards would include the URL to your profile page and request for review.

Positive online reviews are becoming more and more prevalent in growing and maintaining a successful business. Help those starting out in the industry or others that are just starting to realize the importance of reviews by sharing your tips and tricks. Include some of the creative techniques you use to generate reviews or elaborate on the ones we've listed above.

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Date/Time10/23/2014 at 9:05:23 PM

Providing good service and insuring your customer's are taken care of is step 1.

Step 2 is asking for them. Few customers (there are exceptions), will send an unsolicited review, letter, etc. They may be recommending your service to friends if they ask, however they will not necessary send you something in writing, You must ask for them and you should not be shy about it. If you provided quality service, there is no reason that you cannot ask your client to send you a letter (or even an e-mail).

Timberidge Carpentry.

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Date/Time12/23/2014 at 3:03:50 PM

Creative Remodeling Solutions has been very effective in getting clients to post reviews.

We do this by providing great service and following up with our clients.

By communicating openly and often with them, it should come naturally to "request a review".

The last suggestion I have is to ask for the review shortly after the project is complete. Don't wait! I have found that they are likely to post a more favourable rating as soon as the job has been completed, versus waiting a month or two to request it.

Hope this piece of advise is helpful to someone.

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