License / Permit (RBQ# in QC)

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Posted by: from Montral
8/11/2012 at 12:36:53 PM


It seems like a lot of renovation companies in Quebec province does not have the RBQ numbers, and yet they have been in business for many years with a large pool of clients.

From my research, there are more companies and professionals without a permit.

What are the risk of hiring them?

I am asking this, because a friend of mine hired a company with an RBQ # whose ads are everywhere. She had to go after them for 6 months to get her 200$ deposit back. We are talking about a fully licensed company who never showed up for a renovation job after leaving them an official 200$ deposit with an official receipt.

So, whether a company has a license or not, there is always a chance where problems can arise. That's the impression I am getting.

Any opinions or advice?

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Date/Time8/11/2012 at 1:48:38 PM

Hi there,

I am a fully liscensed contractor in Quebec (RBQ)

I was not always liscensed and I conducted myself and my business very professionally. I built a company with a great reputation and I built a fantastic client base.

I got my liscense because some of the jobs I wanted to take on required this liscense and insurance.

I can honestly say that the liscense did not make me a better contractor. In fact it sometimes groups my company among other RBQ liscensed companies that have bad reputations.

What actually works for clients and contractors is recommendations (word-of-mouth).

I maintain, however, that if you are shooting in the drk for a professional contractor, an RBQ liscensed contractor should be considered.

Here is why: if your contractor doesn't honor your contract reasonably and to the best of his ability he risks a suspension or revocation of his liscense. This can be a setback especially if he handles commercial or insurance jobs that require a license.

It's in his best interest to be a professional and conduct himself accordingly as to maintain his liscense and keep his reputation intact.

I hope this answered your questions.


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Date/Time8/11/2012 at 3:53:19 PM

Move out of Quebec.

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Gaby from Amg Renovation in Hearst
Date/Time8/12/2012 at 9:41:15 AM


Talking about professional, People like Daniel is very risky to hire, why Dan you say move out of Quebec? Its a Country just like yours! if you have nothing Intelligent to say read books about mature contractors, here is your prof about licensed or not you always get stupid ones in any business.

La meilleur maniere deviter ceci est de toujours demander des references a ces ancien client, dit lui bonne chance pour la prochaine fois et de faire ses (Devoir) comme client(e).

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Nikki in Montral
Date/Time8/12/2012 at 11:46:12 AM

Thank you, Benjamin and Gaby.

Now, the reviews posted here for every contractor on this site, how can customers know that they from the real existing clients?

I am asking this, because practically, everyone's got a 5 out 5 reviews.

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Gaby from Amg Renovation in Hearst
Date/Time8/12/2012 at 6:55:27 PM

Hi Nikki,

Not sure what you mean really? But The 5 on 5 review I think its when you answer more question like this one lets say you get points, but really not sure about it ether and the other question you ask about real clients?? Can you explain yourself more please because I don't get it at all, maybe I can help you and others to, thanks for your appreciations towards us and honest Contractors.

Bonne journer a toi Nikki et bonne chance.

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Date/Time8/13/2012 at 11:31:53 AM

As a self-employed general contractor for the past 20 years I have dealt with many companies both licensed and not licensed.

Just because a company has a lot of paper and certifications mean nothing. Your best bet is to make use of references and if a company is not providing references then thank them for their time and look elsewhere. The unfortunate thing is that all the regulatory bodies we have to be members of appear to all be over worked and really only have time to ensure that each contractor is in good standing with their fees, more so then any customer satisfaction.

Ask your friends and neighbors who they would recommend for your project, they will not refer you to someone they know will not do the job. 100% of my work is referral. I do no advertising of any kind. This is the kind of contractor to look for.

Mike Flanagan

Senior Project Manager

Mikes Custom Installations

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