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Posted by: from Toronto
6/30/2009 at 10:17:53 PM

my ajoining neighbor to the rear has erected a retaining wall after an extensive addition. On both sides there are two 6 inch drain holes that are draining water onto my property. When questioned we are being told that they are weeping tiles. Is this legal? it is washing my garden out on both sides;(

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Paige Residential in Barrie
Date/Time6/30/2009 at 11:16:59 PM

Hi Richard

My best guess is now that the retaining walls have been installed due to the addition they have now replaced the standard drainage swales which are normally on the property line. I dont know exactly where the weeping tiles are located in respect to the property line but non the less weeping tiles are used for drainage of water in many different uses and are legal. What this person should have done is use some sort of aggregate material where these weepers dispose of their water to avoid washout... if he is a good neighbor and cares, he should follow through with your reqest..


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Richard in Toronto
Date/Time6/30/2009 at 11:32:08 PM

Thanks David

The retaining wall is acting as a fence. It was built right on the property line, dividing both of us. My neighbors house is on an elevation. Thus the wall is approximately 4.5 feet. Now on the face of the wall there are two 6 inch holes which have plastic pipes in each (these pipes are weeping tiles which may be attached to a sump pump). These pipes drain water directly onto my property. To my knowledge I have been told that when you are installing weeping tiles (pipes) they are not supposed to directly drain onto neighboring prorerties but rather drain onto your own lot.


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Jeremy from Laurel Group Inc. in Baden
Date/Time7/18/2009 at 4:52:27 PM

Not sure how your making out on this problem, but your right. Not sure on the age of your subdivision, but in each lot is supposed to drain its own water to the city storm or ditches depending on location and age. If your neighbor is in fact draining their water onto your property and there is no provision to drain the water to the appropriate outlet, then they are in the wrong and must make the necessary changes.

Good luck.

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