Should I build retaining wall or fence first?

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Posted by: from Chilliwack
6/30/2014 at 8:01:33 PM

So I've got this neighbour who figures the fence must go up before a retaining wall is placed due to installation of the fence harming the concrete.

Allow me to give particulars. He's required to install a retaining wall completely on his property to retain a mass of concrete and asphalt drive, with the fence straddling the property line. His property sits approx 16 to 18 inches higher than mine. He's only cut his drive back from the property line 5 inches (it was suggested to him by the company removing to cut it back at least a foot).

Enter in just a few problems. If the fence is installed (on prop line) how to excavate for the wall to below frost level with those posts (reall long posts) in the way and I've never seen a concrete retaining wall only 3 1/4 inches wide holding back a drive. And one doesn't form footings around posts to pour a wall (be a pain if you ever had to take them

I've been trying to tell him to build the wall first then attach the fence to the wall (with the use of redi rod anchors preplaced within the pour).

If it's not too much trouble could I get a step by step procedure written out. And if you wish, feedback on what I've related here. It would be greatly appreciated and perhaps I wont continue getting white hairs.

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Date/Time7/3/2014 at 5:30:11 PM

Way too many variables to answer every option. However first check with the city building or engineering department. They usually have restrictions on this type of driveway.

A retaining wall that small usually doesn't have to be below the frost line, but the first coarse or two of a block wall has to be buried, check with the block manufaturer. If it's poured 3 1/4" thick it might be fine if there is a lot of reinforcement steel inside (proably not). It would also need to be a foot or so below your ground level and more than 5" back.

There is a lot of options on how to build this wall and fence, however most would require the posts be put in first, but not the fence panels. you need room to work on the wall. Check with the city, sounds like your neigbours being cheap.

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