Building a Deck

Troy Mississauga
4/6/2011 at 3:25:52 PM

We are located in Mississauga and are in the process of planning to build (DIY Project) a deck in our backyard and we have a few questions that we're really hoping to have answered before we proceed. Here they are:

1. The deck will be built over two basement windows. Are the any skylight type products or construction designs specific to decks that we can use to prevent blocking the light to the basement windows?

2. The deck size will be roughly 16 x 20 feet. Do we need a permit to build this deck? If so, what do we need to bring into the city and how long will it take and how much will it cost?

3. What is the best, longest lasting material for building the deck that doesn't cost a fortune?

Thanks to anyone that is willing to take the time to address our questions.

4/10/2011 at 7:22:32 PM

Hi Troy

We are a contractor and a deck such as you are considering would require a permit. If you are knowledgeable in deck building, you can prepare the drawings for permit application. You will be required to show structure (from ledger board attachment, post foundation construction, beam size and spans, joist size and spans and if over min height from grade, railing and handrail construction.

In regards to the window wells, you can frame around them and provide either a railing or bench treatment to prevent fall ins.

As for materials, the structure should be PT while the deck surface can be composite. I have a laid good quality 5/4x6 PT deck boards that looked very good and did not cost a lot of money.

Hope this helps.

Kingsway Construction Inc.

Glenn Rosborough

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