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Posted by: from London
5/22/2012 at 10:12:27 AM

I moved into a home 5 yrs ago and the one neighbour at the front (my front yard) has a wood fence along 1/2 the property line and ending where there is a shed in the neighbours backyard. The fence continues on the other side of the shed with a cedar hedge and a chain link fence; behind the cedars, and on the neighbours side. His property line is the backyard of his residence, with a pool behind the wood fence area. It is a mishmash of this and that and very unsightly. Considering the shed itself looks like it could fall over.

This neighbour is now trying to; only repair the fence on the side facing his property. He approached me several years ago to maybe help out with the cost but I couldn't at that time; however last year I agreed to a portion of the cost but not until this spring.

I came home to find the neighbour altering his side of the fence. He is adding extension brackets to make addtional post height. Then he is going to put up new boards to the new height. He is leaving the back side , facing my property the way it is.

My question is this.... I have done research about the Bylaws for London and I realize that since the fence is on his property but up against both properties, I am may not have much to say!

However, for some reason (and I can't find the paragraph) I know I read somewhere that if he does this, then both sides have to look "nice" not dilapidated!

Can anyone help me out here??

I also know for a fact that this neighbour does not have a building permit for the repairs and extension he is doing and that it does say it is a required document when a pool is involved.

I am hoping someone can let me know whether this neighbour must make the fence look good from both sides not just the side facinghis property.

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Date/Time5/22/2012 at 11:19:15 AM

If thats his fence that stands on his property - he is in his right to do whatever he wants with it. Tear it down, repaint, rebuild- anything. And he does not have to care about how does his fence look from your side- it has to be safe though.

If you do not like how his fence looks you may consider building your own fence to hide his fence.

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Date/Time5/22/2012 at 6:56:59 PM

First call the city, they will answer all your questions. Usually you don't need a permit to repair a fence. If his extensions make the fence more than 6' tall, that's not allowed.

The shed also has to be set back from the property line, usually around 24" and it has to be maintained in a safe condition.

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Lori in London
Date/Time5/23/2012 at 1:30:40 PM

I've been researching this with the city by-laws and yes he can do whatever he wants however there is a pool involved on his side and by what I'm reading of the London by-laws he needs a building permit for any fence he puts up. I'm quite sure that he and the other neighbour did not get one for the one they put up between their properties and I'm sure he hasn't one for what he is doing now.

As for the shed it is not set back 24" and thank you, I will look into that as well.

This neighbour is one of those who thinks that he can do whatever he wants and to whomever. Very pushy guy.

As for the height, I believe in London the absolute height a fence can go is 7' and it can be taller BUT must have lattice that you can see through. This is for safety of break ins. But I will also be calling the city to check on all of this for sure.

I've had a day to think of it and I will be telling him to go ahead but I will also be building a fence on my side of the property line plus a survey. If the cedars are on my side, which I highly suspect, they will be coming down. I will be notifying this neighbour of that as well.

I thank you for your comments, much appreciated :)

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Lori in London
Date/Time5/23/2012 at 7:53:17 PM

LOL! Well all is well,

the guy chickened out and sent his wife over to talk to me!

We have never had a communication problem and got down to business

and hammered (no pun intended) ;) it all out!

So now, we have agreed on what I had asked the neighbour guy to do last year!!

That was, to replace all the old posts and support rails and then he could do whatever he wanted from his side! I would put in for half of that :)

Thanks again everyone! :)

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