How to finish building fence with concrete walkway?

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Posted by: from Brampton
8/18/2014 at 6:12:15 PM


We are living in a semi detached house. We had most of the fence done but the guy cheated us by taking all the money but never finishing the fence. So the back door is not enclosed and the gate is missing.

We than had to move for 3 years due to work. Now we are back and would like to complete the fence but the neighbor has made a concrete walkway which does not let us bring the fence further out so that the back door is enclosed.

The new contractor we consulted said he can only complete the fence by bringing it 1 feet in which will not even leave room as wide as a barbecue.

What should we do? Is there another way out?

How to finish building fence with concrete walkway?
How to finish building fence with concrete walkway?
How to finish building fence with concrete walkway?
How to finish building fence with concrete walkway?
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Date/Time8/18/2014 at 10:48:24 PM


It would seem to me having no pictures to view, that it may be a property line dispute. If the neighbour is encroaching on your property you can add a metal fence attached with lag bolts, but make sure you talk it through with them if this is the issue. Other than that, without a picture to describe your issue its really hard to say, I would certainly not move the fence in, it would look awful.

You can post pictures on trusted pros.



Redbear Contracting

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Date/Time8/19/2014 at 9:22:05 AM

Tim Holden

Aug 19, 2014

It is hard to say with these pictures with out actually seeing your dilemma.

If you were local I Would request coming to see your property and would have to research the issue possible speak to your neighbor on your behalf.

Having said that it has been my experience that in semi detached housing these types of issues arise frequently for instance another that I have looked at here in North Bay the roof leaked on the attached side of the house and the home owner (which was a landlord and it was a rental property.) did not want to spend the money on a roof and it has become a legal battle because the expense would have to be shared as the roof is shared even though it dose not leak on his side it is a structural problem.

Your issue though seems to be a matter property line and possible encroachment issues best try to solve this with your neighbor if that fails talk to some one from your city hall building department to see if a compromise can be reached.


Tim Holden

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Abhishek in Brampton
Date/Time8/19/2014 at 4:44:45 PM

Hello Tim and Jeff,

Thanks for your reply!



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