Laying flagstone or brick

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Posted by: from Toronto
5/24/2012 at 3:01:52 PM

I have a small front yard area where a gardener will be cleaning up and replanting, but they do not do stone work.

I need to finish the area along the sidewalk and the path to the house and need some thoughts on whether it should be finished with flagstone or a brick type of stone work.

Also any suggestions of a contractor who will take on a small project for a reasonable cost are greatly appreciated.



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Date/Time6/7/2012 at 1:22:05 PM

Hi Rachel.

I think it might be a little difficult to determine if its better to go with flagstone or brick without seeing the rest of the property. Either one will with stand the weather here in Toronto no problem.

If you would like some help choosing, please feel free to post a request here on Handy Canadian or give us a call.

Hope this helps.

Mo von Roeder

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Date/Time3/31/2013 at 4:59:07 PM


Sad to say I have moved my home and business to the Niagara Region, so I can't come and see your home. And suggest natural stone to you.

I have been installing natural flagstone, both random and square/rectangular on top of a concrete base for over 25 years. When the base is constructed properly the project lasts as long as I have been in business with slight maintenance. Sono tubes 4' deep with 1/2" rebar coming up and then tied into a grid pattern of 1/2" rebar all within a pour of 3500PSI aerated concrete. Then we custom mix sand and Portland cement and cement the natural stone down and grout.

For walkways and patios we pour it 4"-5" thick on four inches of 3/4" cut clear stones. For driveways we pour 6"-7" Thick. Nothing looks as high end, And it is tough.

So, my suggestion is, find a company that builds as well as I do and go the natural stone on concrete route. Man made products and even natural stone on Stone, gravel and sand is temporary. It heaves, and sags. And over time will have to be lifted and relayed.

Good luck with your project,

James Fram

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