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Your house is just part of your home. If you're lucky enough to have a little land then you have a whole new dimension in living. Landscaping, decks, soil treatment, drainage, hardy flowers and shrubs and dozens of other topics are addressed her in Gardening and Landscaping. Browse the threads, use our search feature or post your question for a fast response from our member contractors.

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sloping clay filled backyard

I have a wonderful backyard - with two problems. One is that our backyard slopes on both sides and the other is that the ground is clay. We are not able to dig up the clay and put down new soil &#...

Number of Responses 4 Date of Last Post April 12, 2008
Butterfly Garden

I have decided I want to plant one of these with my kids in the spring. Basically a butterfly garden can be a whole garden or just a little section of your regular garden that has certain plants that produce...

Number of Responses 8 Date of Last Post April 26, 2008
No Green Thumb

One of my goals for next year is to have a flower garden in the spring. This has been a goal of mine for the last few years...obviously not achieved. The problem is, I don't have a green thumb. My mom g...

Number of Responses 8 Date of Last Post February 18, 2011
Fall Gardening Tips

I've been told by many friends and family members that fall is a great time to plant and prepare our garden for next year. The problem is, because i've had so much advice some of it contradicts the ...

Number of Responses 4 Date of Last Post February 18, 2011
Fall Fertilizing?

For those of you who fertilize in the fall: I purchased a nice organic fertilizer early this spring and have some left that I thought I might put down on the lawn this fall. I am in northern most zone 7 ...

Number of Responses 2 Date of Last Post August 8, 2008

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