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Patios & Trees

Brian Thompson
11/11/2009 at 9:54:40 PM


I looking at building a patio in the back yard. One problem is a rather large maple tree about two feet from the edge of one side and I get a lot of flack when I mention cutting it down. So I'm keeping the tree. What I need to do is change the edge near the tree and make it go around in a semi circle. I'm wondering how close I can come to the tree with the patio? Keeping in mind that will need to dig down six to eight inches to do my foundation.



11/23/2010 at 2:59:12 PM

Hi Brian, You Can install Decking close to tree, but diging 6-8 inches down beside the tree may damage buttress roots and harm the tree. which in the future may kill the tree. and the removal of it will be more involved

Nicole of
C.D.L from Oakville
2/18/2011 at 5:26:18 PM

Unfortunately, Maple Trees are vigorous growers and so are their root systems. Root systems of trees will typically reach the drip line, which is basically the circumferance of the tree canopy. The fiborous roots are found in the first few inches of soil and by removing a small portion of the root system will most likely not damage the tree. But be weary, because pruning roots will stimulate new growth (more fibourous roots), which may heave your patio stones in the future! Try a raised patio? Maple trees are a pain! Also if using interlocking stone use a Polymeric Stabilizing sand for sweeping in paving joints, it prevents the growth of weeds and even Maple Tree Keys. Permacon sell an awesome one around $25/bag

3/9/2011 at 11:06:31 AM

The best thing to do is have a company come down and look at your probem or is it really a problem ? Call and we will give you some ideas and a quote at the same time. Contact us at 416-346-5214 and ask for Charlie. Wishing you the best, Charlie, SALES AND SERVICE.