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Price Difference between Sod and Re-seeding

Travis B
4/14/2008 at 1:43:31 PM

Hi -

We are thinking about a project to dig up, level and re-plant our yard. The space is 1700 sq. feet, what sort of price difference should I expect for laying sod versus seeding the space? I hear around $1.50 a sq. foot for reseeding, what does sod run for ?



4/20/2008 at 7:43:40 AM

Hello Travis, I am going to carry out a similar project and if anyone could advise me whether to buy seeds or sod please reply to this thread.


John White.

4/26/2008 at 10:06:48 PM

Depends on how you look at it!

Sod: More expencive

Seed:Cheaper(only if you babysit it)

Sod will cost more,but you can cut that cost down if you buy dirrect from a sod farm and lay it yourself...approx 5 years ago,i remeber asking a friend of mine that does sod in new subdivisions on cost per role...$1.65 by 1 foot wide and 4 feet long per role...1700sq = 170x10 or 170 roles sod wide by 2 1/2 roles long=420 roles sod needed or approx $700,if you hire a crew of 3 for a day $600-$1000<-guesstament on my part,but i dont think ill be to far off. Biggest plus to sod is instant lawn...and all you gotta do is add water for a few weeks.

No idea on how much seed needed nor on the cost for 1700sq...i just know its not that cheap.It also requires more work in preperation of the soil,then lightly raked in after spreading it,daily waterings depending on the weather,gotta put up a barrier to keep people off,pray you dont a torrencial rain that washes away your seed and your dirt which means starting over(if steep slope in grade on yard.. means light rain can cause washouts)...Its deffinitly cheaper to seed but can get real frustrating if things dont go your way.