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Posted by: from Mississauga
6/11/2012 at 9:53:33 PM

I have two trees located in my backyard that is location in an area we want to place a shed. Rather than chop them down and dig them up I would prefer to keep them and relocate the trees to a different place however, I'm not sure if it is possible considering the size and deep roots of the trees.

The trees are roughly 10-12 feet in height - is it possible to have trees this size replanted? If so, who would do this and what would a rough cost estimate be for this type of job?

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George from About Stone in Saskatoon
Date/Time6/12/2012 at 12:14:42 AM

Trees can be moved to very large sizes - 50-60ft or more depending on accessibility.

At 10-12 ft these could possibly be moved with a skid steer tree mover.

Check for a reliable tree specialist, or CNLA. check membership > location > arborist

Depending on accesability, it should run 3-600 for both trees,( not a whole lot more than removal/stump grinding) If you want them just gone and the holes filled in, you might get them gone for free.

Some reputable tree movers may even pay you for the trees.


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Robert from Robert Graul in Montreal
Date/Time6/12/2012 at 6:56:43 AM

Hello Wanda,

They can be moved. There is now some rather sophisticated tree moving equipment accessed by your local arborist. Contact them.... they would be your best bet for one of their specialist to come to your house and provide the appropriate advice and pricing specific to your trees and job-site.

Best of luck with your project.


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Date/Time6/12/2012 at 7:57:40 AM

Yes, the trees can be moved, ... depending on the type of trees, size, location, etc. . I would suggest calling an arborist and ask the questions. Make sure he/she is accredited or you may get a "deal" that you may regret. A tree mover can dig up the tree and a good portion of the root ball and move it (them) to the new location.

Costs vary, but, again, ask the questions.

Good luck.


Edmonton Alberta

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Date/Time6/12/2012 at 9:22:55 AM

Transplanting can be done later in the fall when the plants are dormant but if you wanted them done sooner a tree company like PAO and their number is 905-875-0055.

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Chris from Neat Lawn Care in Halifax
Date/Time6/12/2012 at 6:09:01 PM

If you can provide details on what kind of trees they are it would be helpful.

In general, a landscaper or contractor could have the ability to move the trees.

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Date/Time6/13/2012 at 9:45:45 AM

Trees of this size are easily movable with a large tree spade. That is if you have access to the back yard for this equippment. The tree spade truck is rather big. Think of your average sized single axel dump truck.

Relocating 2 trees would cost in and around $400 to $600 depending on accessibility and where to be relocated.

Depending on the type of tree, time of season may be an issue if they will be able to recover from the shock of being spaded up and a new root system will be able to establish before winter hibernation.


Kyle tracey

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Margot in Toronto
Date/Time6/18/2012 at 6:43:04 PM


I'm a horticulture science grad. so this is a bit more detailed.

Generally yes you can move trees. Yes it depends on the tree, the size of caliper( ie the width of the trees trunk at 12" above the root flare) and the time of year. Some trees dont do well dug in spring, some in fal, some prefer early spring. You need to tell this detail to get the correct answer. 10-12 feet is not that high a decidious tree but tall for an evergreen.

In the field we dig trees by hand up to 2.5" caliper. after that then tree spade works best. The goal is to NOT distrub the root ball and keep the trees main root system intact. Depending on the tree, more roots can be lost. In general up to 80% of the roots are lost when a tree is Ball and Burlap dug.

Sometimes the cost of a new tree is far less than labour to move an existing one given the failure factor..... A maple is pretty cheap at 10ft less than $200 so to pay $300 to move one that has no guarantee to survive is a bit of a waste of time and money... but some people will pay that for a sentimental tree.

Yes some companies pay for speciment trees but this is not common and usually for a rare tree. Like a large mature magnolia or Japanes maple and access to the spot is clear they also dont fill the hole or repair your lawn's sod....


Naturescapes & Gardens


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