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Spray weedkiller or sow seeds?

John W
4/20/2008 at 9:13:49 AM

My lawn is absolutely covered in weeds. Should I spray it with weedkiller or re-sow? I have a dog who sometimes eats the grassso I don't rreally want to use weedkiller! If you could tell me how much it would cost to re-sow 1000 metres square, then please tell me.


John White.

Thunder Bay
4/20/2008 at 4:02:18 PM

Please don't spray the ground with weed killer or herbacides. You dog will thank you and you will breath easier.

There are no environmental consequences to planting grass. Throw some seed around. Grass is actually quite invasive. Once you get it planted and growing well it will likely choke out the weeds. If a lawn is seeded properly with grass, the only areas that weeds tend to be a problem are the areas where grass won't grow.

4/21/2008 at 12:34:53 PM

indeed, i agree. those week killers are some chemicals that will affect you as well~ remember the cycle~ weed killers go into week > bugs eat some and get affected > bugs use as fishing bait > human eat fish~ get my point?

4/21/2008 at 2:40:28 PM

I'd second Heather's point. The weed killers are directly harmful to you and your dog and the ecosystem as well. Sowing the lawn with grass should actually take over the weeds and get rid of them in a healthier way than chemicals.

4/22/2008 at 1:11:10 AM

If your lawn is overgrown with weeds,and likely by now has some monster mature ones spreading its evil everywhere,will require some prep work if you want to see green grass everywhere the same season you seed it,I agree that a healthy lawn will *help* reduce/stunt the growth of weeds,but just adding grass seed will not kill them entirly,esp if the lawn has lots of mature healthy weeds,a healthy lawn will choke out most of the seeds these weeds produce.

If its choked full of weeds,i suggest starting with a clean slate....Old school way is picking them(with a forked prong just below the surface,when it rains it will drownd the roots)But doing a 1000 meters sq would take forever)..I would rent a rotartiller,then rake up weeds and leftover grass(good time to add couple inches of good topsoil) then add your grass seed use a fan rake lightly over the surface so seeds are not on suface,water it every other night,2-3 weeks with the right weather and youll start to see a healthy weedless lawn.