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Sturdy Flowers?

Amy M
5/27/2008 at 10:56:53 AM

I have a three year old who wants to have her own flower garden this year. While the thought thrills me, I know my daughter and I know that she loves to water plants. Does anyone know of any good sturdy flowers that will be able to withstand the over waterings of a happy three year old?

7/16/2008 at 4:05:09 PM

That's very sweet, how adorable!

It depends very much on where you are and what kind of conditions they need to tolerate aside from just overwatering, Amy. Some additional information would be helpful.

Do you know the soil type? For example is it primarily clay, sandy, rocky etc? Will the flowers be in a shady or sunny spot? Those kind of things will help us help you much more.

Nicole of
C.D.L from Oakville
2/18/2011 at 5:43:13 PM

Aww so cute! I have a three year old son and we built a childerens garden last summer. Try using plants that stimulate the senses. Some examples would be Lambs Ear - soft to the touch and hardy, Strawberrys- Try in a hanging basket and the berrys will cascade over the sides, Creeping Thyme- Hardy ground cover that will handle foot traffic and lets out an aroma when you walk on it, Stella D'Oro Daylilly- Hardy and blooms all year, Lavender-smells amazing, Edible flowers-Nasturtim, Pansies, Daises, and clovers. Any vege will encourage the child try new foods and help prepare dinner!