Lack of activity in this forum?

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Posted by: from Dartmouth
10/30/2011 at 10:52:08 AM

Hi all, just wondering why there is so little activity in this section. Our government is willing to give us money to upgrade our homes yet there are no postings here that discuss any of the topics related to that. Energy Audits and insulation upgrades are really important things to ensure the sustainability of our lifestyles. There are also many new solar products coming on the market that have much shorter paybacks than solar power - air and water heating come to mind immediately. Most of the technology is coming from Europe where it has been used and perfected for probably 25 years. It is only new to North America.

I am not a tree hugger or ardent environmentalist, just a guy that is interested in pursuing these topics. I am sure I am not the only one out there with this view.

I have a full woodworking shop in 2/3 of my garage with an electric industrial heater in it. I tracked the costs and when building projects in the winter, it was costing between $5.00 & $10.00 per day to keep it comfortable. I built a solar air heater from scrounged up materials that is taking the inside air from the floor level and returning it anywhere from 15C to 25C warmer whenever the sun shines. All it took was a couple of thermostats and a 250 CFM fan that draws about the same power as a 100W light bulb. I consider it my primary heat source and the electric is the back up. I have plans for Version 2 that should triple the output and react a lot faster to sunlight.

Just my personal thoughts,

Jim Kuzma

Kettleby Handyman Services

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Dave from 360renos in Navan
Date/Time11/2/2011 at 7:10:29 AM

Good Morning Jim,

Your absolutely right that it would be great to have more discussions in this area. I know home owners have a lot of questions when I visit their homes about these topics. Whether it is low VOC paint or energy audits it is an area that is growing quickly.

Your solar heater sounds interesting. I've got a 20' x 60' barn that that is a little drafty. Great for tools, storage and being used as a workshop but, did I mention it was really old and drafty!! I hope your heater idea is not patented .... I just might set up my own.

Have a great day!



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