$100 consultation fee

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Posted by: from Trenton
11/9/2022 at 2:13:32 PM

I've been dealing with some contractors for a while.

$100 consultation fee. This is really inappropriate.


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Date/Time11/10/2022 at 12:35:22 PM

Well?, Lets see! Drive to your house 1/2 to 1 hr. min then back again, fuel now is almost $2/lt., gives you his professional time 1-2 hrs. typically, then write up a quote or report another hr. min-(for large remodels I have spent up to 3 hrs. planning and writing a quote). So lets see? altogether the guy gave you 4-5 hrs. at the least of his valuable professional time and expertise?? Compare: you go to a lawyer for a consultation and he see's you for 15 mins..his bill is $500?, the doctor bills healthcare $150 for your consultation of 5 mins. Well, you be the judge? I get called for free quotes like this all the time for $200 jobs or people who just want the problem solved so they can then do it themselves or shop around for a cheap contractor. Another waste of my time is people looking for quotes for lawyers or insurance companies for free. I offer free quotes and consultations for jobs over 5-10 grand min. & then only if I think it is worth pursuing. The rest I offer a quote for a "refundable fee starting at $100-$150". If you hire me I credit it back to job, if you don't you paid for my valuable and professional time, just like a Lawyer or Doctor.

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Darlene in Trenton
Date/Time11/10/2022 at 10:54:37 PM

Hi John

I do understand your point because it is valid.

You're referring to jobs that are complex both in terms of materials, labor and skill. If it takes you 3 hours to write out the quote, and good for you that you do, it's not a simple job like backsplash.

A 89" X 25.50" backsplash. 190 square ft. I buy the materials, you bring the skill. Not complex.

Not paying $100 for that. :) but you do bigger jobs.. Those are worth the $100 consult fee.

Good luck dude!

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Date/Time11/11/2022 at 2:23:26 AM

Yeah that seems a bit off, real off :( I would have just quoted that to you over the phone, any job that small does not need a consultation. Any standard backsplash is from min. $600-800 labor. Plus with tech these days, pics even video calls can be done. Its a competitive market, shop around some guys charge some don't, its all what you feel comfortable with and how much you want that contractor...I do the "refundable one" so at least you will get it back if you hire me and cover my expenses if not. Expect more of this as the Contractors expenses continue to sky rocket and their are a alot of time wasters out there. Back in 2007 when we had a boom out here and people had to wait a whole year to get a good contractor, I charged a $150 non-refundable every time and people paid it as they wanted anyone good they could get, now in this ruined economy, not so much LOL. Experience is everything, after 20 years in business I can tell from a email or in the 1st 2 minutes of a Client call if its worth my time. Cheers

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Darlene in Trenton
Date/Time11/11/2022 at 4:48:06 PM

lol and I can tell in the first 5 minutes of meeting someone if I'm going to hire them.

Appreciate the direction re $500-$800 quote.

Take care my friend and be safe


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