2 holes on the side of the exterior wall of the house

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Posted by: from Maple
3/27/2020 at 10:46:08 AM

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I am a layman and I cannot wait for the contractor to do it.

Would I be able to do it as a D-I-Y job?

I have asked the contractors to finish the basement.


Now there are 2 holes on the side of the exterior wall of the house.

Hole #1

One is a hole on the side of the house (for a certain unknown purpose)

How do I cover up this hole? What could I buy to cover up the hole? It is an eyesore

Hole #2

There is another hole on the side of the house but the white cover is not straight.

How do I straighten up the white cover for this hole?

The contractor said that it would involve a lot of work to do it as it is an integral part of something that is affixed to the interior of the basement. So it is not a simple task of merely pulling off the white plastic cover and reaffix it on the wall on the side of the house.



2 holes on the side of the exterior wall of the house
2 holes on the side of the exterior wall of the house
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Date/Time3/27/2020 at 1:18:25 PM

If you hired a contractor than they should finish the job. This should be finished and not sure what the reason for the hole is.

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Geraldo from Jr Renovations in Toronto
Date/Time3/27/2020 at 11:40:20 PM

Hi! what was certain was that the contractor covered this hole, but I know that many want only big work, I can go and resolve this situation for you, we can agree, any questions I am available.


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Zachary from Kind Guys Repair in Abbotsford
Date/Time3/28/2020 at 1:11:48 AM

The vent cover is fairly simple to replace. You can purchase a new one from local hardware store.the brick needs to be replaced on hole 1 I would not advise that one as a diy as you will have to be experienced for that one .

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Date/Time3/28/2020 at 5:20:35 PM

Shoddy work, at best.

If the white cover is glued to the pipe behind it and the interior around the pipe is finished, you are best to live with it.

If its not glued, you can replace it but cleaning up the caulking will be difficult. You could take some of the caulking to a pro paint shop and see if the can identify it and sell you a cleaner and wire brush.

The hole that is not covered will be difficult for a layman to repair with brick, assuming you had any that match. Suggest you install another white cover, after you fill in the hole with expanding foam insulation.

Professional, experienced renovators do not produce work like this.

Hire pros, they're worth it.



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