Additional labour to lay tile on 45° angle

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Posted by: from Ottawa
3/28/2019 at 5:06:32 AM

Contractor is tiling a small 5' by 6' bathroom floor. Cutouts required only for toilet and heating vent. How much additional labour to lay tile on a 45 angle? Tile is mosaic tile sheets. I've purchased the material.

Also, is 45 angle considered "custom" these days? My contractor claims it's not standard, however my contact mentions nothing about charging extra for non standard, and does not define what "standard" is.


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Date/Time3/28/2019 at 9:19:04 AM


It is custom. Not standard at all. It will be more time consuming for this install.

It would be a simpler install if they were separate tiles.

Cut 45 degree angles on the sheets of mesh is time consuming.

You will also have to add square footage in your purchase of the tiles. There will be wastage on every cut siding on a wall.

There is extra expense in martial and labor, but it is a neat look.



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Date/Time3/28/2019 at 10:42:26 AM

Hi there.

The issue of laying tiles in a diamond style or in a 45 degrees is not a matter of standard vs custom. It's about original estimate. In order to receive a proper quote you should explain every single detail of your project If you didn't discuss details of the pattern in the beginning, after he gave you a quote, and you accepted it, every single change in details from your end could possibly cause the price adjustment. It's a normal common sense situation and not explaining important details to the contractor beforehand just as wrong as for the contractor not asking about it. And now it's a matter of negotiation between you two.

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Date/Time3/28/2019 at 11:18:37 AM

Darlene, Whenever a job consists of something that is not basic, expect an extra charge. Laying down tiles is relatively straight forward ,however 45 or any angle, requires extra thinking and cutting. The question would/should be ... how much extra. Have a discussion with the tile person and see if it sounds reasonable.

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Date/Time3/28/2019 at 11:26:06 PM

Hi Darlene. Laying any type of flooring on a 45 degree angle takes a lot more time to do. I charge $1.00 extra per sq. ft. A custom floor includes border work, inlays,45 degree angles, ect. A standard job is just straight laying tiles. Hope this was helpful. Yours truly, Dave's Flooring.

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Date/Time3/29/2019 at 9:49:26 PM

Hi Darlene,

Without a doubt it is custom work. Standard means a straight grid pattern. I include offset / brick pattern as standard as well while others may categorize it as custom.

These details should have been discussed in the very beginning & noted in the scope. Because neither party made mention of it, I'd say a change work order is called for. The order should include the details of the work and associated costs. Based on the minimal square footage. It is not likely that the additional cost would be based on square feet. More likely to be a lump sum based on additional time or based on a minimum charge.

Hope this is a lesson learned for of luck & I hope it goes well.

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Date/Time4/1/2019 at 3:21:45 AM

Good day! Of course diagonal design it is not standard and requires a lot more work cause of the way more cuts and measurements. It is extremely hard for the contractor to cover all the situations where the tiles can be installed different ways in your particular job and yes, it is an EXTRA if you didn't previously discussed. For an small area you talking price on the labour can double witch will make you reconsider and reevaluate the situation and priorities... it is the budget or diagonal design it is a must? By the way... the best looking tile job is with as less cut tiles possible and sometimes the way you think is cool and you've seen it on the magazine

Doesn't apply on your job... just saying. Respectful, MN from European Hardwood Flooring & Tiles INC

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