Advice on non payment for poor quality job

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Posted by: from Rocky Mountain House
10/26/2022 at 6:14:07 PM

We had some granite installed and the joint as well as many other things were unacceptable. Long story short we are not paying the remaining balance and the contractor agrees but says the remaining amount will remain in their accounts receivable. Is this a common practice or even acceptable? As far as I can tell that means they still believe we owe them money? Can anyone advise me on this please?

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Marcelino from Handy Marcy in Brampton
Date/Time10/26/2022 at 9:09:19 PM

Simple accounting

The vendor must issue credit note to zero out the balance in their system

Or some company they have work around like treaying balance as discount hence their receivable is zero

Just make sure, you have it in writing whatever you agreed upon.

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Date/Time10/26/2022 at 9:52:38 PM

Always get everything in writing when you guys agree on certain things so then you can go after them and they can go after you chapter is closed they did poor work you're not paying any more simple as that

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Date/Time10/27/2022 at 1:46:12 AM

He is going to write it off as a unpaid debt with Revenue Canada so he gets something out of it as you are not paying him. Nothing will come back on you but its a grey area and a crappy way to do things, he is a bad contractor not offering to fix it for you instead as a warranty callback.

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Date/Time10/27/2022 at 2:02:04 AM

If the Contractor is Covered,you have the option of calling their insurance agent to submit a claim.

Essentially these bonds protect clients like you from poor work.

To protect yourself in this situation ,you should get the Contractor s information up front.In any ,the Contractors Bond information opens another option for you, as the Contractors insurance company will compensate you for your losses in the event you file a claim.

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Date/Time10/31/2022 at 11:15:49 PM

lets look at this from another angle, your goal here it to have the work completed properly so you can enjoy and show off your achievements. no?

so lets work with the company who you paid for the granite. perhaps is your contractor. if this fails, you can approach the supplier. small chance there but it is still a way to work. so going back a bit, i would imagine that you would have your hold back still. document your issues, your efforts trying to get them back and trying to work with the supplier. keep those secure. use the monies left to have the proper repairs made, get receipts. now make sure you have given your contractor ample opportunity to address. that's why i say to keep all efforts secure. you may need it if your contractor takes legal action. but,,, not likely as they are the ones who have failed and you have the back up. see why I say record and keep your efforts secure...

most reputable companies want your referral, so they will address. if this is not that type of company, you have hired more for price than quality.

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