After roof job finished, roofer will not give warranty until after payment

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Posted by: from Markham
11/18/2016 at 7:30:22 PM

Hi there,

So my roofer came back and finished the roof 51 days (!) after he started.

He only came back after I threatened him to hire someone else to correct mistakes he made. Now, he wants to collect the payment.

Problem is, he does not want to give me warranty until he receives the payment. Written contract states roof job and warranty. To me, no warranty at invoice time means his part of the contract is not fulfilled. I don't trust him that I will see warranty at all once I pay him full amount.

What should I do?

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Date/Time11/18/2016 at 10:16:42 PM

Well how I operate my business is clearly different than how others do. Because I would never want my client to pay me until he or she is 100% satisfied with my work and I've completed everything I said I would from the start. So if I was you, I would not pay him until you are satisfied as a customer. That is your right.

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Date/Time11/18/2016 at 11:51:46 PM


Alex is right, you shouldn't pay a cent until your satisfied as a customer, if he start's to threaten you just recite the contract to him and if that doesn't work I would seek legal council.

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Date/Time11/19/2016 at 7:54:17 AM

I think even if this guy gives you warranty he will not honour it but you are right until he provides it don't pay him . He could type the warranty information on the invoice so you have it if there is a problem but again he doesn't sound too reliable so what is it worth ?

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Lorraine from Ivy League Developments in Kelowna
Date/Time11/19/2016 at 12:22:24 PM


If he's finished the 'job' he was hired to do, completely. ALSO: if it's to your satisfaction, he has completed the 'contract' and is due payment in full. You have the written contract which states 'Warranty" workmanship (i presume) therefore, if there are no immediate issues that you need taken care of, you must pay. It's unfortunate that the job seems to have 'legged' on...sorry about your problem.

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Date/Time11/19/2016 at 5:01:07 PM

I would ask you roofer a couple of questions. First, is he licensed? and two, does he like law suits? This just mu=ight scare him enough for you to get the items you want. If he is not a licensed business and just someone you found through some ad, you may be out of luck because he may not be recognized as a certified roofer, which could make the warranty invalid, depending on the roofing manufacturers policy. Short answer is Don't pay until you are satisfied. Let him do the dirty stuff but if you have a contract, it should be clear.

Best of luck,


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Date/Time11/21/2016 at 7:38:34 PM

Warranty is to be given along with a receipt after payment.

51 days? ouch!

Does not sound like a legit company to me.

I would have fired him and taken him to court and if he was not a legit company, then he has just open a whole can of worms for himself.

Good Luck

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Date/Time11/22/2016 at 12:28:41 PM

The warranty is only as good as the person offering it. I would worry less about the warranty and more about hiring an experienced roofer to review the work that was done. Anyone can warranty a bad roof job and the legal costs of going after him probably wouldn't be worth the effort. If you withhold the final payment until after inspection any repairs can be deducted if he refuses to correct them.


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Alejandro in Markham
Date/Time11/22/2016 at 1:27:06 PM

Thanks all for comment.

@ Jason - yes, job has been reviewed by independent contractor and deemed acceptable. Of course I paid for it.

@ everybode else - the warranty is specific product registered at and issued by roof manufacturer.

It is listed on written contract together with roof job specification.

I don't understand why roofer requests full payment before I receive the warranty as well (obviously I got the roof done already).

I did not receive the invoice yet - just a 'put a lien on the house' threat.

Anything else I can do to prepare myself for... not sure what.

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Date/Time1/5/2017 at 10:47:43 PM

Under contract you are allowed to hold back 10% by law if the job is at substantial completion.

So hold on to it if he hasn't fixed everything (within reason)if he has in fact completed the job,then he has every right to refuse you warantee until payment is made.

Draft a warrantee validation letter and get him to sign it and have his cheque ready he will sign.

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