Avg price per sq foot for painting and drywall (CALGARY)

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Posted by: from Calgary
3/10/2014 at 1:28:41 PM


I'm Tyson from Calgary and am just looking to get a ball park price per sq foot for getting the interior of my house painted and a price to finish boarding my bsmt.

What would be a fair quote price per sq foot?

Thx in advance.

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Jason from Ready, Set.. Build in Ottawa
Date/Time3/10/2014 at 2:26:34 PM


In Ottawa we could do all for 3. 50 / per square foot.

Have fun!

Avg price per sq foot for painting and drywall (CALGARY)
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Tom from Whitestone in Vernon
Date/Time3/10/2014 at 4:14:26 PM

Hi Tyson,

I live in Vernon BC. To quote a job in Calgary is not beneficial to either party.

Thanks anyway for the inquiry.. I heard it is very busy in that area.


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Date/Time3/14/2014 at 12:04:03 PM

Hi Tyson,

Well you are in a very large price range market here in Calgary. It all comes down to how the quality you want done. There are guys who price fair but have poor quality work. Guy who are fair and do awesome work... pay a little bit more and get awesome work with nothing hidden and no corners cut and a product to last.

Boarding. 1.25 walls 1.50 ceilings if under 8' this is boarding only no taping finishing. Add another 60-1.00 sq for that part. This is ball park. Keep in mind.. this is actual board foot. Not your square foot of floor surface.

Painting all depends on trim. Count for doors.. any built-ins and such. But just for walls.. around the 1.25 sqft just for walls. Trim is a different story.

But can't stress enough... ask for references and call them. Ask around... check for licenses and insurances. These are all factors to weather the company is legit or not and will prove to do good work. If its just a scam out there looking to make a quick buck expect the work to fail and look like crap. Do your home work and you will end up with a good product.

A person never just jumps into the first car they see on the lot and say I will buy this one do they. They always check the info and options and make sure it suits their needs and price. Same way with hiring a contractor.

Best of luck!!!!!

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Date/Time3/22/2014 at 11:27:23 PM

As a contractor I start my quote at $100 per sheet of board (4'x8') for finished walls (board, tape, primer, paint) and add for the difficulty level(bulkades, ceiling hight, access to job site, etc.

It's not always apples to apples as a flat ceiling will cost double the price of a knockdown/stippled one and a walk out basement will get the bottom price as it saves time when setting up, loading/unloading tools and materials, cleaning, etc.

If the timeframe is flexible I usually try and pair up the job with another one in the area and be able to give a better rate by saving on my travelling time/cost.

Best bet is to get a few estimates, ask for 5-10 references and ask to see a previous job they did as happy previous customers will open their door to help a good contractor and most commercial jobs they did are on public buildings.


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