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Posted by: from Edmonton
7/25/2016 at 5:13:45 PM

Where can dissatisfied customers write, legally, bad reviews about bad handymen that we can use their name and company's name so they do not ripe-off other people?

I read some of the horror experiences that people had with bad, irresponsible, unaccountable, unreliable people who had the nerve to have a company.

Some of the typical behaviors are:

-cut you off from their phone list

-never again answer your calls

-do not finish the job, even if its terrible

They just move on and go to their next victim.

How can these men be stopped?

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Date/Time7/25/2016 at 6:10:43 PM

They can't be stopped.

Do your research and do not bite cheapest price, there's a reason why other contractors quote twise, sometimes three times more for the same job.

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Ivo John from West Flooring Ltd. in Calgary
Date/Time7/25/2016 at 6:52:19 PM

Hello there,

I would only say that there is bad people and some of them contractors, but there are bad customers too.

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Date/Time7/25/2016 at 8:22:42 PM

There are bad contractors everywhere. Your only re-course at this point is. Look for there HST tax number usually at the bottom of their Invoice if their charging you tax. This is their registration with the Provincial Government. Use this number as reference when you write a letter to Consumer Affairs in your Province. If no Number is on the Invoice but they are charging you tax. THIS is illegal, the number must be on the Invoice, this I know is the same in every Province. You can also see if there listed at the Better Business Bureau in your area and write a complaint. As well as your local Chamber of Commerce.

Unfortunately 40% of my work is fixing bad jobs that other contractors tried to do. Unfortunately I'm not in your Province, but advice is always free.

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Chris from CCR Services in Lethbridge
Date/Time7/26/2016 at 11:14:27 AM

Sadly, there is a large ammount of contractors that are like this i will tell you the same thing i told a recent customer that had some troubles with past work.

#1 Always do your recearch first. an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. There are TONNS of facebook groups popping up "handyman connection etc" 90% of the guys that respond here are not registered, no wcb, no insurance etc. making them someone's nightmare waiting to happen. (hint: good ones don't use those groups, they don't like the hastle of taking the time to reply just to be undercut by some kid with a hammer and they get enough busness not having to deal with that.)

#2 GET IT IN WRITING - always get a contract - no contract = didn't happen and very shaky ground for recourse. if you have a contract= file a claim in small claims. Small cost and footwork but can be worth it. you can still file a claim but courts want to see everything on paper so it makes it alot harder.

#3 check insurance - They should have given you paperwork with proof of insurance before starting the job. make a claim against it might be accepted, might not, depending on their coverage. (some guys gonna hate me for telling customers that one but they ask for it=they deserve it)

#4 not registered? report them for operating as a busness to the city and registries.

#5 media - facebook - twitter - trustedpros - betterbusness - any local consumer media you can find - Just be careful you watch your wording here because it only takes a couple bad words to go from a "review" to "slander".

Lastly - talk to their competitors in your area, and try to educate friends and others on the importance of contracts - insurance etc.. when hiring a contractor. cheap is usually exactly that = cheap.

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Date/Time7/28/2016 at 4:47:10 PM

First of all no work should be done without some form of contract in writing. All customers have the right to ask for references and do some checking. As a Contractor I know it is hard to please everyone but we strive to do it. We also had the same thing happen from some contractors that had worked for us in the past. Always make sure the are company registered with the province and or the municipality you are in. SO you may want to call the BBB, Better Business Burrow to make a complaint. They will keep it on file even if the contractor is not registered with them. Make sure your contractor is qualified ask.

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