Basement Bathroom Rough-in

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Posted by: from Barrie
12/21/2018 at 2:11:19 AM

I recently purchase a condo townhouse and would like to install a bathroom in my basement as well off my master bedroom. The first plumber I've talked to, the site said they will need to bust the floor to tie into the existing plumbing however he cannot state where and to what excess that will be. He also said that the new bathroom I am putting in on the second floor will need to have a stack installed which will then go directly to the basement to connect to the plumbing lines.

Everything sounds doable until he said to complete ROUGH-IN ONLY, the basement bathroom will be between $4k-$6k. If I add the 2nd floor bathroom to the quote then I am looking at $10k-$15k. Again this is rough-in only because I will be getting family members to finish the space.

Are those reasonable figures or is this contractor out to lunch (which is what I was thinking, but I'm no expert)

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Date/Time12/21/2018 at 8:53:10 AM

Hi there,

I think these numbers are way over priced.

I think for both bathrooms with the underground rough ins, you're looking $8000 at the most.

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Date/Time12/21/2018 at 10:12:17 AM

First, ask your strata if they allow you to do that.

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Date/Time12/21/2018 at 10:54:52 AM

Really tough to say if the estimate is correct without actually seeing the situation (which is why you should be leery of phone estimates). It sounds a tad high but without inspecting that's just conjecture.

My advice is to get a few estimates (remembering that if something sounds too good to be true it probably is) and you'll get a feel for what the job really entails and how much it should cost as well as who is being straight with you

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Date/Time12/21/2018 at 11:34:09 AM

Bathrooms can range from 10kto 50k and up.. based on your post it sounds like a standard bathroom however, there is not enough details to know if this price is right but I'll try.

If both bathrooms are complete reno and standard.. it cost about 12k 15k per bathroom..

if the bathrooms just getting a face lift, depends on what is being done.. 4K-8K.

Regarding the plumbing.. that is the one trade that can be hard to estimate unless things are open.

My advice.

Get a price for demolition, after that call the plumber for a proper pricing.. this way you won't pay on a guess.

Good luck

Niv Shnior

Owner director

NSR Construction

Reno Match Enterprises

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Date/Time12/21/2018 at 12:15:02 PM


This is Brian from Brian Stevenson Renovations.

The rough in you mentioned is possible to do for 6500 approx.



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Date/Time12/21/2018 at 1:30:44 PM

Not to shoot the other guy in the foot as we're in BC but the stack pricing sounds excessive.

The 4-6K is what we would charge for a new bathroom with the option of connecting to existing drainage, 6k being if we had to install a sump barrel and pump. Normal out here in BC is about $85 per foot for any concrete work.

The stack is ABS and in a normal house like build after the 70s this would constitute about 2-3 days for 2 guys and about $700 to $1000 in material.

If you're doing this thru a service company the prices make sense, if you're doing this thru a contract plumbing/mechanical company the pricing for the second floor bathroom group is a lot.

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Date/Time12/22/2018 at 9:26:06 AM

Hi Lisa.

First off plumbing work is expensive. Running a stack from the 2nd floor to the basement is a lot of work. It will involve demo of the drywall and cutting of some studs/flooring, as well as having the actual plumbing work done. So be prepared for the cost of those repairs after the plumbing is complete. So far, I haven't met a plumber that includes those costs in their quote.

There maybe an alternative, if there's a bathroom close to where you want add the second bathroom, you maybe able to tie the new plumbing into the existing plumbing on the that floor. It depends on the direction the joists are running and if there is a stack close by. You may need to cut some drywall & flooring to investigate. Get some more contractors in to assess and give you estimates.

I would also check with your condo management to see if they allow this kind of work and what permits you will need.

Lastly, I would advise that unless your family members have a extensive experience in bathroom renovation or building one from scratch, I would highly consider hiring a professional for this work. There is a lot of work and details that need to done before tiles are laid or paint put on the walls. These renovations can take weeks with a professional working full time at it. They can be very tiring and hard on your body. As nice as it is for your family to help, most people only have limited amount of time to put into renovation work before they have something else to do. Or they hit a roadblock and don't have the time, experience or tools to solve the problem. You need to ask them if they have done anything close to what you want to have done. You wouldn't hire a contractor that only had experience painting to do a bath or kitchen reno!

You are embarking on the most problematic room to renovate or build from the ground up!!

Hope this helps.

Good luck with you renovation!

Steve Edan

Edan Home Repair and Contracting

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