Basement beam

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Posted by: from Airdrie
2/16/2017 at 8:29:03 PM

Can some have a look at the pictures and tell me if this would pass engineering? On the side of the beam they put a 2x6 (or 8) and then put the floor joists on top of the 2x6. The other beam in the basement has floor joists on top pf the beam. Why wouldn't you put on top of beam?

Basement beam
Basement beam
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Date/Time2/16/2017 at 11:12:21 PM

Not quite sure why they would nail a 2 by 6 on either side of the beam? If the floor joists are resting on top of the beam it looks okay but if it's on top of the 2" 6" only I would be calling an engineer ASAP. It's hard to tell from your pictures. All in renovations 403-554-7029 I'm located in Calgary Alberta

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Chris from C&M Construction in Edmonton
Date/Time2/16/2017 at 11:49:20 PM

Not quite sure what is going on there. That looks very wrong. I would be looking into this ASAP. Looks to me like an oversized beam for the foundation pocket that was poured by cribbers. Then framers weren't sure what to do with it. It may possibly be ok since the 2x6 is really only acting to support the bottom of the I-Joist. There are squash blocks between the beam and the floor above. I assume this has a load bearing wall about it. Depending on the span of the I-joist it may very well be ok. Just a little unorthodox.

Chris @ C&M Construction

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Date/Time2/17/2017 at 12:06:12 AM

That is referred to as a semi flush beam. The do that so the the heating and/or plumbing can run over the beam and give a better ceiling height. It is 100% up to code and nothing to worry about.

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Date/Time2/17/2017 at 12:07:13 AM

The joists need to be adequately supported. Typically this is done by having them rest on top of the beam. Alternatively a flush beam may be used in which case the joists are mounted in hangers. It is not impossible that having them rest on a ledger as shown is unacceptable as there are certain applications where this has been done. But yes, an engineers assesent is required. It's the only way to get to the bottom of it and pass proper inspection.

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Date/Time2/17/2017 at 12:15:03 AM

I would call a inspector right away to have it looked at. Being in drywall field I've seen some strange ways of people building bulk heads. The question I have are the 2x6 actually nailed to the floor joist, or to the wall only? I've actually have built a fake bulk head out of 2x6 and drywaled it for added look & to hide wall framing issues. This looks off to me I can't put my finger on why.

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Date/Time2/17/2017 at 11:37:25 AM

I know joists on top of a beam is better, but this is acceptable. Also this looks like a new house, and if they are already at the drywall stage, then this has already been inspected and passed by an engineer.

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Dave from Crown Choice in Nanaimo
Date/Time2/17/2017 at 11:39:55 AM

Like a number of others here I don't fully understand what is happening, but agree with Jason 100%. I'm guessing that the floor joists that are resting on top of the beam are spanning a shorter distance and are of a smaller nominal dimension and the joists on the ledger (which is a legitimate method) have a greater nominal dimension requiring them to mounted lower to keep the floor flush above.

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