Basement panelling bowing out after flood

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Posted by: from Aylmer
8/17/2020 at 1:27:20 PM

We had a flood and our contractor replaced the paneling but now the paneling is bowing out. They are telling me it's because there is high humidity in the basement right now but it will go back down when the humidity goes down (but I have been running the dehumidifier for a week and nothing has changed). I have never heard of such a thing! Can anyone tell me what you think?? I think it needs to be fixed and should not warp in the first place. Please any help would be greatly appreciated

Basement panelling bowing out after flood
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Date/Time8/17/2020 at 4:21:21 PM


So this goes back on the day of the flood. Questions?

1) How it got flooded - walls, upstairs, through basement floor or through basement windows or basement toilet or drain back water?

2) How it was fixed? Was it an experienced contractor.

3) The old drywall/ Paneling were removed till the height of the water level?

4) Was the site completely dehumidified before closing?

5) All the contaminated wood, dry walls, paneling, insulation, vapor barrier etc completely removed and replaced. If not then you are not looking at cosmetic issues but down the road there would be mold and could create health issues.

If they were supplied by insurance company and paid by them directly then let them be aware with pictures, proofs how the work was carried out and dates so that if not fixed then you can stand in court with evidence. (Should not go that far) If the contractor is reputed from Trusted pros or other good sources with best reviews he would come and correct it. Hope it was helpful.

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Angela in Aylmer
Date/Time8/17/2020 at 8:27:09 PM

Hi it was a broken pipe flood from upstairs down through the vents. But the wall that is warping was not affecting they just through part of the old paneling away so had to replace all of it. There is drywall behind the panels not sure about vapor barrier but I know the old stuff never ever warped. It is a company suggesting by the insurance company this has been going on over a year. Flood was July 21,2019.

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