Best alternative to warming cold basement floors without installing floor heating?

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Posted by: from Sudbury
5/5/2015 at 11:53:56 AM

We would like to renovate our basement. I have a very large basement floor (1500sq ft) that is cold. We currently have one gas fireplace and forced air heating- the ceilings are 9'. In floor heating is not in our budget since we won't be living here forever. The floor has existing 70's tile which we would like to change. Our thoughts were laying a subfloor and redoing the flooring with laminate.

What is our best options available?

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Date/Time5/5/2015 at 4:36:59 PM

Hello Nick,

This is Sal from Donewell Flooring. Yes you can do a subfloor then do your laminate on top of that. Depending on how cold your basement is, I still think the laminate itself might remain cold to the touch. Not because it is on the concrete but because the product itself might remain cold from the temperature of the space.

I would recommend a nice Berber Carpet with a High density chip foam underlay. With this combo you might be able to get away without having to do a subfloor. If you are planning on moving at some point this might be the best route.

Have a great day and keep well!

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Date/Time5/5/2015 at 5:27:46 PM

Hi Nick,

If you have the height available, meaning your door thresholds won't become a problem then the suggestion would be insulated floor panels.

They come in various types. I have included a google search link for you.

They interlock and might be a DYI project.

If you could solve your doorway issue, you could even get more "R" value with different products.


Wayne Balliet

Project Manager

Builtru Construction

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Jason from Wrap-it Systems in Courtenay
Date/Time5/5/2015 at 9:42:50 PM

I've used a product called Durofoam. Strap the floor with 2x3's and sheet the floor with 5/8 plywood or OSB is a cheaper way. Make sure to glue it down with a place 400 and u will be ready to install your new flooring.

There are some great videos on you tube on how to install if your looking to do it yourself. These are great a product to work with.

Jason Turner from Wrap-it systems

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Date/Time5/6/2015 at 10:45:04 AM

For a warm basement you have a bunch of options, all with different budgets. First carpet feels the warmest, then hardwood/laminate and last tiles. Cheapest would be a product like dricore, but a better option would be a similar product but one that has styrofoam as a base, there are a lot of manufactures. The warmest one that I use is also the most expensive.

First a layer of foundation membrane like platoon that gives drainage and air circulation. Then a layer of blue or pink styrofoam from 1/2" to 2" thick, the thicker the better obviously. Then 5/8" T&G plywood tapconed to the concrete.

A benifit is you can use any type of flooring including tiles, which you want if you have a bathroom or laundry room.

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