Best way to repair concrete pad

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Posted by: from Edmonton
1/30/2016 at 10:09:26 AM

I have an existing attached attached garage in Edmonton, AB. The 19' x 21' pad has sunk about 4" sloping to house. The pad is separate from wall footing which has not budged. What's best way to repair? Mud jack, or remove and replace portion that sunk, or remove and replace all? Costs? Piles?

Also considering heating, most economical approach? Baseboard electric? In floor, hot water radiant? Other?

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Date/Time1/30/2016 at 6:26:01 PM

Typically I find the prep in garage pad lacking for most builders. Since we do not know the age of the house we could assume many things. I will give you my two bits for each process listed.

Mud jacking is a decent alternative. I would suggest using poly urethane foam jacking as I find it less intrusive. One draw back is you may not be able to determine the exact problem and it may continue if the home is newer and still settling due to improper back filling in the garage and base prep.

Removing the sunken portion could work if the slopes of the garage permit proper water drainage after the repair. Tying together two different concrete pours is not too difficult and likely cost effective and would determine what the issue is.

Removing the entire garage would be the most costly option as a person would have a great deal more in labour cost and removal of existing maerials etc. However this would be the sure fire option and any issues could be determined at that point. Then one could install in floor heating and tie into the existing in floor house heating.

If that is not the desired route the most effective way to heat in my opinion would be purchasing and installing a 40,000 btu unit heater and running natural gas to the garage.

Elelectic heaters would be the most inefficient method as it would cost a great deal in electricity.

Hope this helps.


Kyle C.

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Date/Time1/31/2016 at 1:56:10 PM

Break up and remove the entire pad. As I am in Ontario the price would be much higher to compensate for travel and accomidations. As to heating - go for in floor.

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