Brick/Concrete stair case on sloped side of home

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Posted by: from Whitby
3/9/2017 at 8:52:56 AM

We are currently in the process of renovation our basement into a 2 bedroom apartment. We want to build a staircase on one side of our home. The property is sloped. In addition to that we would like some sort of stable poured concrete platform put in place that will allow us to place our AC unit on it.

I'm not sure what type of contractor we should be looking to hire. A mason? Landscaping contractors? I have been told (whether or not it's accurate) that if the staircase is going to be up against the home that it will need to tie into the foundation wall in some way. We want the job done right and for it to be safe for both the tenants and our AC unit.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Brick/Concrete stair case on sloped side of home
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Date/Time3/9/2017 at 9:55:58 AM


Great to see you are wanting to get the correct advice.

As for the stairs, i would surely get the advice from a concrete contractor as well as your local engineer. I know engineers may be expensive but they will ensure it is done to code and also some liability falls on them.

Your A/C unit in my opinion can rest on a concrete poured slab. Make sure you have a proper base under it. You may consider having it hung off the house as it will likely be cheaper and offers more flexibility as far as working around it later.

Rod C

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Date/Time3/9/2017 at 10:09:08 AM


Because you are cutting away the foundation for this stair case you will need to get a permit and the part that sucks engineered drawings.

The hardest part of this job is dealing with the city and engineers. The stairs and cutting the hole are all straight forward. We do about 10 a year. As for the ac I would definitely recommend hanging it off the foundation like rod said a few hundred dollars compared to 5 6 hundred.

Hope this has helped and feel free to ask any questions.

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Dan in Whitby
Date/Time3/9/2017 at 12:30:53 PM

Thanks very much for the info.

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Date/Time3/9/2017 at 5:30:59 PM

Hi Dan,

Yes you will require an Engineers report, before you contact a Concrete Forming Company. The Engineer will check your water table and advise about a possible drain under the stairs or in a pit?. Drainage tile around the house may have to be altered, size of wall required etc.

Good Luck!

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