BuildDirect .com - has anyone used them?

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Posted by: from Carlisle
10/28/2014 at 2:11:35 PM

As mentioned in a previous post, we are planning a major renovation of the main floor of our 18 year old home and are seeking as much information and advice before we proceed.

As part of our renovation we'll likely be tearing up and replacing most of the existing flooring with new hardwood.

A friend of mine suggested we try ordering from She had recently completed a kitchen reno and ordered the flooring from them. The difference between us and them is that her husband did most the kitchen reno themselves and we'll be hiring a contractor.

My question is, is the a price advantage if we order the hardwood ourselves from BuildDirect or, as suggested in our previous question, would most contractors have arrangements with their own suppliers at a rate cheaper than we could get from BuildDirect?

I've done some research and found a lot of reviews from other customers of theirs and some of them were good and others, not so good. We've already ordered some of their free samples and their customer service reps seem very helpful however, reviews of their company suggest that their customer service drops once the order is placed.

I'm hoping there are other homeowners and contractors here that have experience with BuildDirect to shed some light on the pros and cons.

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Date/Time10/28/2014 at 3:05:53 PM

My only issues with direct buy is you have to wait quite a long time if you're doing any kitchen work. I signed on a client around six months ago and she is just at the very end stages of getting everything which is a very long time to wait. It might be different in your area I'm not sure. She also stated that it only made sense to her because she was doing the kitchen, the hallway and two bathrooms so she was ordering a lot of product.

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Matthew in Markham
Date/Time10/28/2014 at 3:06:20 PM

It all depends. Sometimes going direct to the supplier can be a bit of a headache, and a back ache. You need to coordinate delivery, or pick up of the material yourself, and you will be paying full price. Full Retail price that is. You may also miss items. For hardwood, you may buy the wood, but miss the underlayment, and later on need to pay another visit to the supplier, and waste time. However you will know EXACTLY how much is being spent on materials, and you can control your budget a bit more.

Now, if your contractor were to purchase the material for you, he will be responsible for the pick up or coordinating of material. He will also get a discount price from the supplier (discount varies from supplier to contractor). So there is a possibility to save some money. Even if he were to make money off the purchase, you will save. But then there is the con. You do not know exactly how much is being spent.

Personally I do not have experience with Build Direct, but it typically works the same everywhere.

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Charmaine from Ellis Construction Pros in Toronto
Date/Time10/28/2014 at 9:02:55 PM

Truly it depends on the relationship you have with the supplier. That is why Ellis Construction Pros can offer a lower cost for a project as the relationship we have with the suppliers are very strong. Hope this helps.

Have a great one

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Steve from Mander Homes in Kitchener
Date/Time12/14/2014 at 7:04:00 PM

Good afternoon

I have had one customer order through them and nothing but headaches.

1) All there prices are in USD and you have to pay for shipping which when you add the shipping, figuring out how to pick up the material and then do the conversion rate and pay taxes . It's fast cheaper and easy just to go though your contractor.

2) They try to do everything directly though the home owner which is good and bad . There is a reason why guys like me have job to do all the take offs for the lumber and to make sure nothing is missing from the order and everything gets delivered on time so the project doesn't get behind. ( My customer had to order 3 separate times )

3) They refused to talk to me on the phone because I was not the one ordering from them

This being said pay your contractor to take care of all the headaches you go to the store with them pick out what you want and tell him to set everything up. You will win in the long run.


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