Can I fit an ensuite?

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Posted by: from Guelph
3/25/2018 at 3:15:32 PM


I've been looking at some dated 1970's homes with the hope of doing a big reno.

There is a potential one coming up, and the only drawback I can see to the layout, is there is is no ensuite at all.

The master is 16'3 x 13'3. If I was happy with narrow rectangular layout (shower only), does anyone think it's possible to steal 4 or 5 ft along one of the 13 foot walls and do a narrow ensuite and small walkin closet, of course if the layout supports it? I don't mind a cozy ensuite, and could manage with a 12x13 master, which is what I currently have.

The other option is going big, and converting 4 bdrm to 3, but I'm much less fond of that idea cost and value wise. Thanks!

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Date/Time3/25/2018 at 9:44:24 PM

Hi El...

Ok if you don't need 4 bedrooms this would be the most attractive option. at the end of the day if 2 kids had to sleep in the same room we can make that room Rock with a great dual single bed Idea we have seen in many smaller homes I will try to show you an example.

Big master bedrooms with spa like ensuites add a better return on your investment at least 30% of your cost.

Time to think..

Thank you for allowing me to advise


BTW we are design Build so you will get the information of a top young designer that has appeared in 10 magazines this year and writes an article in the Toronto Sun

Can I fit an ensuite?

Can I fit an ensuite?
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Date/Time3/25/2018 at 11:18:00 PM


I'm a home built in the 1970s it is likely they used a roof truss system instead of a rafter/cooler tie system. This would mean that the load of the roof would be sitting fully on the exterior walls. In this case you would have no problem removing a partion wall, Assuming your project is on the second floor.

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Date/Time3/26/2018 at 7:12:17 AM

Hi El

I believe your best option would be to keep

your 4 bedrooms. Get a good accurate existing layout ( done by a designer ) Yes , insure that you have roof truss and not roof rafters.

Any baring walls that are altered must be supported by a beam. Once you have your drawings , you can play with your layout. As a investment I believe this would give you more value . More people look for 4 bedroom homes then 3. Only if this is going to be your last home , then Yes, steal the space from your bedroom. A nice large ensuite is very personal but does not always add great value to your home only because most people

that will buy your home will probably renovate it to there personal taste anyway. bedrooms have a constant value.

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Date/Time3/26/2018 at 10:58:22 AM

Everything could be done but all depend on your budget and preferences

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El in Guelph
Date/Time3/28/2018 at 3:41:42 PM

Thank you for the replies. Helpful service as always. Will keep in mind as I consider the current house I'm looking at.

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Date/Time3/30/2018 at 8:20:25 AM

A 4 ' to 5' wide bathroom would be doable. Just be sure to account for plumbing and electrical rough-ins ie. is there access to run this (which anything is possible) and at what effort.

Converting a 4 bedroom into 3 for the sake of an ensuite is also possible. This would likely provide a larger washroom but at a larger expence. Also depending on area, demographics, etc... think of resale ie. will reducing to a 3 bedroom turn people away down the road?

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