Can window with condensation be resealed?

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Posted by: from Abbotsford
11/29/2014 at 5:05:39 PM

We live in the Highlands overlooking the Frazer Valley. It gets chilly up here and my kitchen window has developed a circle of condensation. How can I find out if the seal is broken and how can it be fixed?

Can window with condensation be resealed?
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Date/Time11/29/2014 at 9:40:33 PM

It's not uncommon for windows to leak, but it's not always easy to judge whether it's worth attempting a window seal repair or if it's time to simply have the window replaced. Of course, your own financial situation may determine whether you can afford new windows, but there is a point when repairing what you have becomes uneconomical. Below is some guidance on the signs you should look out for when making your decision.

Inspect Windows

Fixing a window seal is a job that you can do yourself, but sometimes a window seal isn't the only problem, especially if your windows are old. As well as looking for gaps around the window fitting, you should carry out a full inspection of the windows for any other problem areas. Check for any broken or cracked glass panes or any gaps or cracking in the window putty caused by it drying out. You should also inspect the wood frames and the muntins (the dividers between panes of glass) for any signs of rot or splitting. The final area to check is externally - make sure the exterior shield above the window is in place and none of the trims are showing signs of decay.


If your windows are suffering from several of the features above, it's worth considering replacement windows rather than repairing what you have. As a result of competition in the market, the use of cheaper materials and improved manufacturing techniques, it's possible to get your windows replaced without having to spend a fortune. Installing windows that meet specific environmental requirements may also attract grants or subsidies from the government, so it's definitely worth doing some research before committing to a purchase.


If your inspection of the windows only yields some gaps around the edges, it's best to get the resealing job done before it begins to deteriorate. Pay close attention to the place where the window meets the siding by not only looking for gaps, but also feeling whether there are any drafts coming in. If you find any large gaps, you need to pack them with insulating foam before sealing the gap with caulking. However, you should ensure that the whole area is dry before you commence with the repairs, otherwise you may end up with damp or mold. For smaller gaps, remove any loose caulking with a putty knife before applying the new sealant to obtain the best results.

Hope this helps.

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Date/Time11/29/2014 at 10:20:34 PM

The answer is very simple. If you wipe your hand over the condensation and it is clearly between the two panes of glass your seal is gone. However, you do not need a new window you need a new 'Thermal Pane' which is the two pieces of glass connected to one another by a 'Spacer Bar' which is then covered with a sealant. That is all.

The problem you are having is caused when the sealant between the two panes of glass gets completely saturated with moisture which can occur over a course of years. When the sealant has reached its saturation point the seal breaks and moisture gets between the two panes. Some companies offer to 'wash' the condensation away but this does not solve the problem it only hides it; much like painting over rust.

If your windows are in good physical condition you only need a new 'Thermal Pane'. No more. No less.

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Date/Time12/29/2014 at 3:13:40 PM

Hello. There are companies that will fill sealed units with new gas. Your best option is to get the sealed unit replaced. That gives you a better warranty and more of a guarantee that it won't happen again. Most glass companies or window installation companies will do this.

I hope you find this helpful. Have a great day.

Aaron Nesbitt

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