Can you install hardwood floor on a sloped garage floor?

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Posted by: from Toronto
3/18/2015 at 9:20:00 AM


I'm wondering if it is possible/ feasible to install a hardwood floor on a sloped concrete garage floor.

I know that the space needs to be heated, need a dricore subfloor, etc. in order for it to be feasible.

Just wondering if it is possible, and/or better to level the floor first or if floor needs to be sloped because of water drainage issues (even though not planning to use as a garage).



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Date/Time3/18/2015 at 10:37:31 AM

Good morning!

First of all you have a good knowledge about the business but just to confirm it's always good to have a bit of slope in the garage. Anyways, you need to have a wooden subfloor in order to nail down the hardwood because you can't nail it onto the concrete. Make sure to have a heat in this room as well.

Good luck and hope this may help you!

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Date/Time3/18/2015 at 11:28:24 AM

Vivian is correct. You will need to install sub floor before your flooring treatment.

In regards to heating, most garages are not insulated everywhere.

Before you consider your floor you need to ensure that you have all the rest of your work complete. Don't cut corners, Hire RED Seal trades to get your electrical and plumbing done. Converting Garages into living spaces can add or decrease value to your home. The last thing you want is for your investment to suddenly have mould and water damage, which would be a cumbersome financial burden after the fact. Do your home work, hire professionals, and don't cut corners.

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Mike from Custom Designs in Bolton
Date/Time3/18/2015 at 5:57:23 PM

Hi Jeff,

To answer your question, yes you can lay it as is. You don't need a level floor for hardwood, you need a flat floor. When you install the dri-core flooring use the dri-core shims to shim any low spots or dips in the concrete.



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Brian from Next Restoration in Rockwood
Date/Time3/19/2015 at 8:57:43 AM

Yes you can, but you want to keep the hard wood off the cement. Wood is hydroscopic and will absorb moisture from the cement and damage the wood.

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Jason from Wrap-it Systems in Courtenay
Date/Time3/19/2015 at 12:54:39 PM

Hello Jeff,

Jason Turner owner of Wrap-it systems.

Yes you can install hard wood flooring on a slop, but if there is any dips or humps in the floor u will feel and see it when u walk over the floor. Use a good underlay when going over concrete too.

If I wanted a job done right though I would use a self leveling concrete and level the floor. Make sure u don't bury any wood in concrete if needed use tin for backing\form to keep it out of the walls.

Use a good underlay or u can put infloor heating when you level the floor. Then you're ready to install your new flooring.

Do you have any water issues with water?

There are other flooring you can install on concrete floors, too.

I hope this information was helpful.

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