Carpet got wet and took 2 days to dry - do I need to replace subfloor when I change to laminate flooring?

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Posted by: from Toronto
3/31/2020 at 11:28:21 PM

I was washing my carpet with those carpet cleaners and the cleaner was not suctioning the water out which lead my carpet to be soaked for a couple days. I was already thinking about switching to laminate flooring but now do I have to also replace the sub floor because of potential mold? If yes, how much would new subflooring cost in a 275sq room?

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TrustedPros Inc. in Toronto
Date/Time4/1/2020 at 9:59:36 AM

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Date/Time4/1/2020 at 10:54:09 AM

Hi. I don't think you have to change the subfloor.

The only way to know is to pull up the carpet and see if the subfloor is wet. If it is wet. I would recommend removing it. This way the subfloor can dry and u should not have problems with mould.

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Date/Time4/1/2020 at 11:01:41 AM

More than likely your subfloor will be fine from the sound of your issue. However until the carpet is removed and you can visually look at your subfloor you won't know for sure but again I assume it'll be fine.

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Date/Time4/1/2020 at 11:14:11 AM

it would roughly cost you between $1250 - $1500

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Date/Time4/1/2020 at 11:27:01 AM

I wouldn't be concerned about the subflooring. 2 days is only a short period. Just run fans for air circulation and wait a bit to install the laminate flooring. This is assuming that the carpet has already been removed. If not, do that sooner rather than later otherwise it could affect the subflooring.

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Slava from Project Floors in Surrey
Date/Time4/1/2020 at 11:48:34 AM

Most probably the subfloor is in good condition.

The period of time is too short to damage it.

You have to dry it properly before installing new laminate.

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Artem from Adept Projects in Vancouver
Date/Time4/1/2020 at 4:19:26 PM

Let the subfloor dry and see if there is any mold. If nothing there you can go ahead and install your flooring. If there is however, it's better to replace that portion.

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