Cold temperature in upper bedrooms

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Posted by: from St. Albert
12/1/2015 at 3:01:28 PM

It's cold in our bedrooms in the winter in the upper level. I had the insulation improved in the attic with a blown insulation a few years ago and the furnace changed with an energy efficient furnace 14 years ago. It feels like there is not enough heat going up in the upper level of the house. I suspect there might be air leaks along the heating pipes.

Do I need to get an energy audit of the house, replace the furnace again and add more insulation in the attic? Can you please tell me who does the infra red assessment of where the cold parts of the house are? Your advice is much appreciated.

Thank you.


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Date/Time12/1/2015 at 4:08:41 PM

Joe the first step would be to have a TSSA licensed Tech perform a air balance to try and improve airflow to the upper floor.

Additional insulation in the attic is always a good idea, but it will not solve your problem if you cannot replace the heat lost with air from your furnace. We have the equipment to perform the test to determine where the cold spots are, and the tools needed to perform a air balance (which is where I would start as it is the cheapest and easiest option, and can really help).

I am almost certain that your furnace is not the issue.

Thanks, Michael.



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Date/Time12/1/2015 at 6:12:20 PM

Hi Joe!

Did you try to check if the dumper of your duct going upstairs are fully open? And also check the size of your duct if thats enap for the space up stairs. But most of the problem is not properly balance the supply air duct, i observe everytime i work to the residential tue owner they complain same as you thats why whants I change the furnace always. I do the air balancing with complete report. Take a look like I mention above and let me know what you gonna find out and I gonna help you more.


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Henry in Grande Prairie
Date/Time2/19/2016 at 1:54:53 PM

Hi Joe,

Something to consider that works well for my house is to install an electric wall panel heater in each cold bedroom. Install is very simple and they take up next to no space. Heat travel up along the wall so you can place items in-front of them just not against. Mine is on a timer and starts about an hour before my kid's bedtime and shuts-off in the morning. My house is about 10 years old, has a high efficiency furnace and good insulation. This was the best solution I have come up with so far and it keeps the room a consistent temperature through the night.

The Panel heater I purchased uses 400 watts so it uses much less power and is much safer then a space heater. It is an Eheat ENVI and sells for $160USD or so on their website.

I hope you find a solution that works.

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Joe in St. Albert
Date/Time9/21/2017 at 12:55:45 PM

It's been 2 years since I posted this issue. Thank you all for your suggestions. I tried phoning a couple of local heating companies today, one said they don't do air balance check, one said they only do temperature check. Does anyone know who does the air balance service in St. Albert or Edmonton, Alberta?

Thanks... Joe

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