Combined drainage sump, weeping tile and septic drain

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Posted by: from Brandon
7/26/2016 at 1:15:52 AM

We bought an acreage 7 months or so ago (possession on Nov ), we never looked at the drainage system closely until recently. We noticed some water sitting in our garden and we were worried that our field was failing (we've also been hammered with rain). Anyway long story short we believe the problem lies with our drainage system and essentially circulating the water.

Here is the set up that is a bit mistifying. In our basement we have three holes in the floor. One is our sump pit with sump pump, one is our septic drain, and one (the unusual one) is a hole that has the trap for the septic it goes straight down before it curves toward the septic drain, but above this trap are 4 holes to lines going in different directions. 2 we figure are the weeping tile as there is crystal clear water coming in from both directions, one is a drain for our wash machine and sink (located next to the wash machine), and one going to the sump pit. We can't understand why it's set up this way but essentially all water is traveling into our septic system and field. The weeping tile, wash machine and sink. If the sump gets to full and does not pump out (like if it failed or was unplugged) it to would drain to the septic system essentially overloading our field with water.

Can anyone make this make sense? My husband thinks it's a system that is or would be similar to a city set up for a house with a sump pump. Could this account for the added moisture and not seeing the water in our garden drain off? Can we block the trap so that it forces the water from the weeping tile to go to our sump and get pumped away from our field without damage to our septic system? Or is that how it should be? The house was built in the early 1980's so this system has been like this for quite some time. My husband thinks there may have been a cap over the trap at some point....

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Date/Time7/26/2016 at 5:10:30 PM

Hi Angela

This is Ben from Pro Service Mechanical in Saskatoon. I would really suggest having a plumbing company come and look at the situation that is in your area. You may want to look for one that also specializes in septic systems. If left to continue many problems could arise causing possible damage to your home.

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