Contractor Questions (fun)

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Posted by: from Vernon
12/26/2016 at 2:28:56 PM

I am a Contractor in the Okanagan B.C. I was curious on some questions for other contractors around Canada, So if you have time shoot me your answers

1. what is your favorite tool or hardware store?

2. favorite cordless tool brand?

3. favorite chop saw? (compound mitre saw)

4. favorite tool power tool you own?

5. other than your hammer square or tape measure whats your most used hand tool?

6. which is your least favorite, mudding/taping, painting, finishing or forming/framing?

7. best security for your tool trailer?

8. Do you have employees or sub contract workers?

9. which do you find is better proprietorship/partnership or corporation/limited liability

10. Best form of advertising or most used by your company?

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Date/Time12/26/2016 at 3:27:43 PM

My answers:

1. summit tools a local store crazy deals

2. Rigid has lifetime replacement but milwaukee is good with a bigger line of tools

3. Milwaukee digital 12" saw

4. oscillating tool or flush cut saw

5. glass bar aka richards bar aka red bar

6. I would have to say painting

7. the hitch lock at Cnd tire is pretty good

8. I hire rather than sub except for commercial finishers I find anyone willing to do hourly is never good enough to finish

9. Im a limited company and find the tax breaks alot better plus first 30k is tax free through dividends

10. Word of mouth is good but I did get a yp package that starts in 2017. I find though 75% of work from word of mouth

Thanks for taking the time to read and or reply :)

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Date/Time12/26/2016 at 8:51:47 PM

This looks like a company using Trusted Pros to do marketing research. Should this thread be removed?

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Date/Time12/26/2016 at 9:10:35 PM

No, I honestly am not trying to do marketing, we all have preferances being in the business. I have been in construction 17 years and a company owner 2. Trust me I have my preference in tools but I am open to the idea there is better.

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Date/Time12/27/2016 at 2:53:02 PM

1) Home Hardware : it's still Canadian, more personal service from people that know what there talking about, much easier to deal with.

2) American made Dewalt NOT Chinese Dewalt there is a difference.

3) Have both Mastercraft & Dewalt, both great both over 10 years.

4) 30 yr old Delta stationary shaper for making mouldings, no shortage of metal on this.

5) I still use a Lufton measuring folding stick. You can still buy them and they go where tape measures cannot, like inside small holes and cracks.

6) Framing.

7) My dog or a pad lock.

8) No Employees and I Sub contract if required.

9) Sole Proprietorship.

10) Word of mouth or personal flyers delivered by Canada Post to areas you wish to work.

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