contractors always remember to get a signed contract

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Posted by: from Wilsons Beach
6/17/2008 at 7:10:12 PM

I have learned my lesson from this point on it is just as important for contractors to as the name implies get a signed contract I recently stepped into a great big pile of it and i got cut pretty deep so a word to the wise for all contractors out there big or small never work on good faith.

I gave the guy an ESTIMATE for some work and he added and added after the job began and it was supposed to be all for that price I guess boy was he wrong needless to say I got screwed oh and for all those homeowners that have full intentions of not paying wait till the job is done before you let us know other wise it will back fire

any one with some advice on this to maybe help me deal as this is my first it would be greatly appreciated

Wayne Mallock

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Date/Time6/19/2008 at 11:52:52 PM

Geez, Wayne that's no good. This is the other side of the coin isn't it? There is nothing on paper at all? Drawings? A list of things to be done? Did you get any money at all? Check it out, but I think you still may be able to lein the property. It will cost you another couple of hundred to file probably. Keep us posted on how this works out for you. Good luck man.


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Wayne from KGM Roofing & Home Improvement in Wilsons Beach
Date/Time6/20/2008 at 11:11:12 AM

Yes I did get materials paid for or 90%

only thing on paper was the original estimate stating what I could do for a certain price standard roofing quote and we did cater to the homeowner we did all he asked but there was no pleasing him in fact when i mentioned It was going to cost a bit more than figured this is when things got really heated.

I believe you are right Trevor And i think i can do it for the full amount of estimate but as it is a lot of money to me I stopped the job before I got so deep i couldn't get out and kinda feel bad for him as everyone in his area knows him and that he is an a&# hole matter of fact I found out that his own brother who is a contractor would not do the job.

live and learn

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Date/Time6/20/2008 at 7:40:37 PM

Wayne- as much as contractors dislike lawyers- sometimes- this being 1 of those times, they can be helpful. A carefully worded letter from a lawyer could get this deadbeat to pay up. Should'nt cost that much & might prove effective, depending on how big an a*#hole this guy is. Good luck.

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Date/Time6/25/2008 at 12:38:42 AM

Yep. Time for a "scarey" letter. Don't forget, though, there's a limited time to originate an action (lein). Here it's 45 days...last time I checked anyway. It can be a real attention getter.

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Tradesmen in Georgetown
Date/Time2/1/2009 at 10:48:26 PM

Hi Wayne,

I once got bitten in such a way, I will never forget and I`m betting neither will the customer. A long story short....the customer didn't want to pay the bill, I wasn`t about to swallow either since I knew it was intentionally and he thought it was up to him with the last word. Unfortunately I did the wrong thing, I pulled every stick of 2x4 and 12 sheets of drywall down in record time with my sledge hammer...I know it was wrong I agree, so my advice to you is to go see a lawyer or two and take control of your situation instead of being arrested. Having to do it all over again I would have simply calmed down and took him to court. Good luck with that Wayne, take care.

Brad Ivany


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