Cost for two level addition, plus possible third floor addition

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Posted by: from Toronto
12/29/2015 at 2:31:57 PM

Hi there,

I was looking to get a ball park figure for a ambitious renovation. Our house is detached, about 100 years old, 2 story and brick. We would be look to add a two level addition on to the back. On the main floor, the addition would span about 11 ft in width by 9 feet in depth and be added on to a previous addition. This would expand the kitchen, but not require any pipe work, as it would more be for a dining area. On the second floor, the addition would span the length of about 25 feet by 9 feet. It would expand the master bdrm to then include a walk in closet and 3 piece ensuite, as well as elongating the current bathroom.

We are also considering adding a third floor, raising the roof, for a loft space rec room. Our current roof is slopped. I don't believe that height restrictions would be an issue, since the houses on either side of us are substantially taller.

Looking for a ball park figure and if this is even possible!

Cost for two level addition, plus possible third floor addition
Cost for two level addition, plus possible third floor addition
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Peter from Ace Renovations in Brampton
Date/Time12/29/2015 at 5:27:15 PM


As the saying goes, " you can do anything if you have enough money ". Not quite, a lot depends on your foundation. Everything above rests on your foundation so you need a good solid base to start with. A few years ago we added a third floor to a 100 year old house in the Mt. Pleasant, Davisville area. The original building had a field stone, block and double brick foundation, all in different areas.

The existing kitchen addition at the back had a bedroom above and a bad foundation. Rather than dig around the foundation at a high cost, we had three helical piers screwed into the ground outside the kitchen back wall. Steel beams from the top of each post were slid under the kitchen floor to rest on the original interior house foundation. With the house now stabilized we proceeded to build the third floor. We had to have a slightly sloping flat roof due to the standard 35' high zoning rules. We used the same material as on the Skydome roof.

In the house itself we opened several points on the exterior walls to add 6 x 6 posts as well as the four corners to support the third floor flooring system: several LVL beams and wooden I beam joists, alleviating the need for any internal support posts. The rest of the project was straightforward framing, dry walling, etc. The new third floor was 600 sq. ft. including a new master bedroom, 3 piece bath, laundry room, storage room and den/loft area. The house sold this past spring for $900,000.

Based on the many additions we have built in the past, you should budget $100,000-$ 150,000

depending on the condition of your foundation and how luxurious you want the finish look to be.

Hope this helps!

Ace Renovations, Brampton.

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Date/Time12/30/2015 at 10:03:11 AM

Hi There,

The pricing that you receive will be very ball park if any. Any good Contractor will have to see the project before giving you any pricing.


Total General Contracting


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Date/Time1/8/2016 at 4:16:07 PM

Hi Peter,

The cost of renovations in Vancouver is a lot higher than your area so any price I give you would not be relative.

Having done many similar projects, I can tell you to be prepared to look at the "Big Picture" for your project. This is the best opportunity to upgrade your electrical and plumbing for far less than if you did it as a stand alone reno. Get an HVAC assessment to see if you can make the home more efficient. You will be talking to a window guy, ask him to quote on the whole house. There are many ways you can significantly increase the value and comfort of your home at time when you are prepared to invest in your property.

Good luck with your project.

Andrew from Kerr Construction

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