Cost to install a urinal?

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Posted by: from Calgary
3/17/2016 at 12:50:08 PM

Looking to knock out a wall that the bathroom shares with a closet in the other room, close off that closet in the other room and turn that into an area for a urinal. Plumbing would need to be added and I'm sure there are more things I'm not considering.

Just looking for a professional opinion on a rough estimated cost.

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Date/Time3/17/2016 at 2:03:50 PM

You can't tell what's on a way until you remove drywall.

From literally $2000 if nothing it there to A LOT if you have electrical wires running through. Can't make any connections and extensions inside the wall by code have to be new wires from point a to point b.

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Date/Time3/17/2016 at 8:04:22 PM

Right off the get go

Need to assess if wall is a structual support at all

Need to assess if existing electrical to be moved/eliminated/reused without violation of any codes

Need to see if plumbing is accessible to tie into or because of location new lines are needed and existing condition of all of above

Grade of finishes to be in new area?

Out of the gate

Demo and closing off existing closet space could be $2000-$3000 keeping in mind there are no stuctual concerns.

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Date/Time3/17/2016 at 8:21:34 PM

First you will need to get a permit for this job. Make sure to contact your local Building Division and speak to a building inspector or a knowledgeable agent.

As mentioned in other replies, you will need plumbing, this cost could be from little to thousands depending on where the existing plumbing is routed from and whether or not there is a finished ceiling below. Further yes, electrical can be 1000.00 to skies the limit depending on what is hiding in the wall not to mention what might be in the way where the new plumbing has to be run. If you have duct work in the way then you will need a licensed HVAC contractor.

Also mentioned is the question of structural, is the wall load bearing or not, if it is then you are looking at major work to remove wall as there will need to be major structural additions added to carry the new wall.

This job could be an easy 2000.00 to who knows, heck 15,000.00 might be possible.

Start the ball rolling by finding out if this is a load bearing wall, HVAC is usually easy to figure out, look for cold air returns and where your vents are, what way do your joists run, HVAC runs inside the joists. Electrical will be the one sure thing you might find as being a surprise.

I Hope this helps!

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