Cost to move electrical panel

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Posted by: from Oshawa
1/30/2019 at 1:19:05 AM

I was wondering approximately how much it would cost to move a 125 amp breaker electrical panel from inside one room to the outside wall of that room that is approximately 10 feet away?

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Tim from Handy CGY in Calgary
Date/Time1/30/2019 at 10:17:12 AM

The 'cheapest' way to do this, would be to add a disconnect where the panel currently is, along with several junction boxes, but you would still need to leave it accessible, so it may be redundant depending on why you want to move the panel in the first place.

The other option would be to move the service on the outside of the house, and create a new entrance in to the new space where the panel is to be re-located.

You would still need to use junction boxes to extend the wire from where the current panel is, to the new location. So it probably makes sense to go with the first option, and just hide it in the wall with an access hatch.

So a day of labour for a master electrician and a helper, plus the materials (assuming you will be re-using the old panel and breakers), you're looking at around $1,000.

Keep in mind, also, damage may be needed to run the wires from the junction box(es) to the new location, so you may have to deal with some drywall repair, etc.

Hope this helps!

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Date/Time1/30/2019 at 10:57:35 AM

Hi David, with so many variables involved with a project like this, it's not possible to let you know an approximate cost.

You're best bet is to call a local ESA certified electrical contractor to view the site and offer you a written quotation.

Good luck with your project.

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Date/Time1/30/2019 at 11:27:04 AM

Hi Dave,

It depends on how you want the job to be done.

The cost would be between $800 -$2500-

As other contractor mentioned above, call a ESA certified contractor to come and visit the site.



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Date/Time1/31/2019 at 2:25:48 AM

Well moving an electrical panel might be pretty simple when all is said and done (really you're just extending Connections and making sure the connections all work),but it is time consuming for electrical,I charge around 800$ to swap a panel,and 1200$ to move a panel(keep in mind I also bid my jobs based on what's existing,so could be cheaper). As for most companies I've worked for charge 1600-2400(but they also have a lot more overhead cost than I do. So to simplify it,electricians don't give a discount depending on the size of the panel,and it costs anywhere from 1000$-2400$ depending on how hungry the guy is for work,and how big of a company you're hiring.

p.s. If I had a 5-10 man company I could do panel moves/swaps for 2000$ each,and nobody would complain

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Date/Time2/7/2019 at 6:00:40 PM

@Nole I would suggest that if you are doing panel swaps for $800 and you can charge $2K; you are leaving $1200 of profit on the table for someone else to pick up. Now I don t think anyone is charging $2K for a panel swap either (in Ontario), but at $800 you are definitely leaving money on the table I would think in just about any province in Canada.

@David As far as your question, the previous comments are accurate. You need to get some Licensed Electrical Contractors (LECs) in there to take a look. There are a number of code considerations such as the distance the conduit / cable is inside your home, the amount of circuits that need to be extended, the current condition of your existing service, etc.

I know others have stated that $800 or even $1000 will get this done, but I believe that that is too conservative. Without even seeing it, I would guess you are in the $2K to $2500 range thinking you are basically going to need a new service and panel.

John Kuehnl-Cadwell

Master Electrician

Datawise Solutions Inc

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