Cost to renovate kitchen to an open concept to the living and dinning room?

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Posted by: from Saskatoon
4/14/2020 at 12:51:17 PM

How much will it cost to have it renovated?

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Date/Time4/14/2020 at 2:19:22 PM

We are involved in three of them right now with more in the hopper. They generally run anywhere from 50 to 100 per square foot depending on a number of things such as bearing walls electricians hvac and types of finishing.

Hope that helps. Although pretty general I know

Thx for asking

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Date/Time4/14/2020 at 1:10:29 PM

This is like asking

"how much for a car?"

Depends on how much structural is involved.

One beam or two?

Drywall entire new ceiling to get rid of popcorn stucco?

How much electrical in the wall? HVAC?

When you remove the wall, are you going to patch the missing flooring, or replace it all with hardwood?

Painting the entire ceiling and walls?

repolacing trim?

Installing potlights?

Suggest you get a good design builder in the help yu assess.

Tell him your maximum budget first, so he knows what he has to work with.


Andrew Parker

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TrustedPros Inc. in Toronto
Date/Time4/14/2020 at 1:11:17 PM

Hi Begum,

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Date/Time4/14/2020 at 2:08:52 PM


This this very wide open question to answer? There is too many items and scope involved to even have a ballpark numbers based on just a question like that.



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Date/Time4/14/2020 at 2:59:24 PM

very difficult to answer, so many variables and what if's, you best bet would be to have someone come and estimate the cost for you. To open a question to answer here, that's like calling a mechanic and asking if my brakes are safe.

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Date/Time4/14/2020 at 4:59:17 PM

Sorry Not in your area

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Date/Time4/15/2020 at 1:11:53 PM

You should let everyone know the square footage of the kitchen being renovated with all your finishes lineal footage of cabinets

What mechanical rough ins and changes are there? What's the total square footage of all countertops backsplashes what materials are to be used for same.

I recommend you call a local trusted Pro kitchen contractor in your area to get a firm quote.

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